Matters of Money Summary Highlights

Matters of Money Summary Highlights

Money matters for the Life Matters meme finished a month ago so I thought it was time to highlight some of the posts from the different topics we discussed.

The meme lasted for 28 days and looked at 4 topics. The meme received 40 posts, which was fantastic, and here are some I think are worth highlighting.


This prompt looked at what kinds of education we think young people should receive in school about finance. And also many shared experiences from when they were young, learning about money.

The post from Jenna Kirkpatrick touched me greatly – she explains how she has learned time is more important than money:

Money Money Money

Mrs K went into depth about money and education and explains that at the end of the day it all comes down to – What are you willing to do to get the life you want? Read it here:

Type of Life You Want -A Financial Education

The Dull Channel treats us to an anything but dull article regarding the history of money:


For this prompt bloggers delved into how people may get into debt and what to do if it happens to you.

The whole meme idea was inspired by Mrs Fever and her post about coping with debt was fascinating:

Debt-Investing: going from owing to owning

Posy Churchgate talks about how to manage your finances so you don’t get into debt. She states a very important point: Money isn’t everything but it can be if you dont have enough…

Crushed Caramel writes with feeling about how her parents taught her lessons she has taken through life about money:

Remembering Retrospectively Reaps Rich Rewards


How to live within your means and what you do to budget for emergencies and such like.

Marriage and Sex explains that it is due to proper budgeting, through out life, that they are now comfortable and when spending out it will be via cash only. No cash, no purchase:

Money Matters Budgeting

Lady Lewis describes how budgeting has not meant missing out on enjoyment, but rather cutting down on stress caused by money worries:

Where Would We Be Without A Budget?

In her post Liz Black explains how each year her and her husband revise their budget by checking out their actual expenses. and some interesting info about crypto coins:

Budgeting: Wise Choices, Computers and Crypto Coin

Gambling or Catch up

The last week concentrated on adding anything else your wanted to share about money or discussing gambling.

Hugh Grant does not mince his words about what he thinks of the gambling industry in this blog post:

Gambling Should Be Banned

This very personal post from Marie Rebelle tells of her own family’s experience of gambling. Plus some fascinating info about stamp books:

Gambling, lotteries, charities and stamp books

Fabulous post from barefoot sub, full of ideas on how to get creative to make ends meet:

Thank you to everyone who linked up and here is one of my own Money Matter’s posts to check out, if for no other reason that to see a marvelous pizza image;-) I discuss the savings made by cooking from scratch and such like:

Budgeting ~ Personal Traditions and Food

Take a look at the other summary posts for Life Matters – One about food and another about books. For some reason I forgot to do the summary for personal growth 😉

5 thoughts on “Matters of Money Summary Highlights

  1. It was an interesting topic and many bloggers responded with enthusiasm to it. Thanks to everyone who has risen with us not only with smart thoughts, but also with their own life experience.

  2. Thank you for highlighting that post, the one I wanted to write since I knew you were going to be hosting this meme. Fabulous posts have been shared, and so much valuable information. I look forward to the next Life Matters meme 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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