More Photos of May ~ Past & Present

More Photos of May ~ Past & Present

The featured naked image of me was taken last spring.

more photo
Outside Wood – More Photos

I like the skin against wood. The sun and the shadows and also the slight hair growth you can spy on my leg and else where! This is me. Nothing has been edited.

Tripping with the Olympus

When my kids were young their father bought me an Olympus camera for my birthday and I loved it. It was not too complicated to use but still gave out the most amazing images. I cherish many of my kids that look like they belong in a parenting magazine. I don’t think that had much to do with me apart from having managed to  give birth to two beautiful children. The camera did the rest of the work.

There is a sad end to this story as when I split from their father he destroyed the camera on purpose because he knew i loved it. And I have never really got into another model since.

Selfies for me and you

I take a lot of selfies from various Samsung phone cameras. I am often amazed by the quality you can achieve from a phone camera. Even without really knowing all the settings.

Here are a few of my selfies all wrapped up in one image. You need to go here for the – scroll through – complete selfie gallery.

You can find ALL my galleries by clicking this.

Canon Camera

Most of the other images taken of me are on my man’s Canon 700D. Usually he is behind the lens although occasionally we set it on a tripod.

Here are just a few of my favourites.

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All by myself

I have looked a little into the workings of the canon camera and was proud of these images that I took by myself, with out too much help.

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I also love taking photos when I am out and about. Here are some I took recently from my walk in an amazing grave yard. And here is one I adore from a year or so ago.

september more photos

To finish – MlSlave and I have been sharing some personal images on twitter of our times in Wales… Here is the thread.

Last week I added another image to the fun photo theme meme which was also taken in spring like today’s header image.

fun theme photo meme
#148 More Photos

23 thoughts on “More Photos of May ~ Past & Present

  1. What a mean thing to do, to destroy the camera because he knew you loved it. Likeeee petty!

    I enjoy the ones you took by yourself. It’s quite an intimate thing, somehow, your hand. I love the light and the focus. And of course, all the other pictures- you definitely know how to take sexy ones!

    Ah our thread of Wales pictures. ?♥

  2. It was the autumn of 2017 when I first saw one of your photos, May. I think it was the one of you on the chair,called Blue. I thought it was stunning and you kindly replied to my comment. You’re so good like that. Not just with me, but with many others. Encouraging and supporting. Since then I have enjoyed so many of your wonderful photos. Nice to see you have been trying your hand with the Like you, I enjoy wandering around graveyards. They can be very moving places and at the same time very beautiful..xx .

    1. I think you are a great photographer CP. I wish you would post more of your images on twitter or your blog – as i dont have Instagram xx

  3. I have a good dslr and many lenses—some of them quite good. But I have stopped using it. It takes so much effort to carry everything around with me and it is so heavy. But I love what you’ve done with yours!

  4. I was wondering when you were going to write about photography. And we are so blessed with some of my favorite MM (the other MM) images. Like the famous Watermelon Bra and of course in your man’s Canon canon my all time Double M photo.

  5. You’re photos are beautiful. We have a nice camera, but usually find we end up with the IPhone. It’s what’s handy. I believe we are going to start using the Cannon and see what we can come up with. Love your blog!

    1. Yes I don’t mind. But I am not a silent, compliant, model. I tend to come up with the ideas and he shoots. Making sure the lighting is right etc

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