A mouth has many uses – Apparently!

A mouth has many uses – Apparently!

When someone is talking to me I tend to look at their mouth moving, more than their eyes.

May More’s Mouth

My mouth has been described as a rose bud. I have full lips and the opening itself is not large. But the colour of my mouth is certainly not red – quite pale really. The top lip is very defined, below the philtrum. And to be honest I have never been quite sure if I like my mouth.

Strange but true

About ten years ago I was sitting in a vet’s waiting room and got chatting with a lady about this and that. She all of a sudden told me I had a very interesting and attractive mouth. I had only just met this woman so didn’t really know what to say in reply.

Fuck my Face

Most guys I have had a sexual relationship with, and some who I haven’t, have told me my mouth was made for face fucking. I suppose at least the lady in the vets said something different.

diary date giving head mouth mouthy
image for monochromerotic – me and my man

One of the men to tell me my mouth was made for fucking was my man. And he has certainly face fucked me more than anyone in the world. He seems to like it, especially when I paint my lips red especially for him.

I think it has something to do with the shape and fullness of the lips…

Shut my mouth

I have been described as mouthy ever since I was a teenager. I will stick up for others and also for my own views. So a few guys have also told me they would like to shut my mouth for me. A few girls have told me that too.

Let’s Talk about Sex

I like to talk about all sorts of things. Sex being one of them. But the kind of talking I prefer to do is face to face. You can learn so much by actually being in the same room as someone and chatting. I am an introvert but gregarious socially, so enjoy talking to others but not for too long, or I feel over stimulated.

Kiss my Mouth

Kissing is great. But very intimate. I do not want an acquaintance to greet me with a kiss. You can keep your lips to yourself. My man and I don’t kiss nearly enough but he is one of the best kissers I have snogged. The other was Al.


The header picture was adapted from this Selfie…


It appears I have an interesting mouth that may talk too often and would be silenced better by a cock. That’s it for today πŸ˜‰

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23 thoughts on “A mouth has many uses – Apparently!

  1. Your mouth is all of those things.
    But just as not all men have a face for sitting on, not all women have a mouth for face fucking, so … #blessed

  2. I can see why the just-met-you-but-I-like-your-mouth comment from the lady at the vet would feel a little strange. People say things sometimes without realizing how their words might be perceived — I deal with that every day in my job — and sometimes there’s really no ‘good’ response except to shrug or smile (or say “thanks” even when you’re not particularly thankful, lol).

  3. You do have a really nice mouth and I think full lips are always attractive. I don’t have a nice mouth like yours but I know how to talk and use it for sex so it works well! Missy x

  4. You most definitely have an interesting mouth! I don’t think I have ever gotten a compliment on my lips, or my mouth, because they are pretty standard. But having full lips is always a plus when enjoying to be face fucked, ha!

  5. It is a very sensuous and photogenic mouth. So much so that I found myself mouthing along with every word as I read. Caught in the enchantment of some sort of mouth envy. Or is it lip envy. All fodder for my afternoon muse. Lovely read as ever MM

  6. You really do have a beautiful mouth. My lips are quite thin and I would’ve liked it if my upper lip at least was a bit fuller. But at least I know how to use my mouth to please others… in more ways than one πŸ˜‰
    ~ Marie xox

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