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I have often written how I was lucky enough to watch old style porn movies with a bunch of friends, guys and girls, when I was a teenager.

I say lucky because it meant I started talking about sex in detail from a young age. Consequently I have never been scared of asking what I want sexually from a guy. But just because you ask does not mean you get!

These old porn movies were hilariously bad. But looking back I kind of liked them. They were not all about the act. Most had some shifty story entwined. To be honest the sex was not sexy at all. So they never turned me on. The guys cocks were oversized and nothing particularity enterprising went on – sex wise. Mainly intercourse. The guy always seemed to come in her cunt. So not very enlightening, but still it is an experience I am glad I had.

Side – When I first saw John Travolta swaggering down the street in Saturday Night Fever I was quite young. But to me the way he walked looked like sex.

A movie that had a huge impact on my kinky mind – yet a kink I will never experience – is Going Places. A French film staring Gérard Depardieu . The two main characters are depraved in many ways. This was one of the reasons I was so taken with the movie. The way they treated women is abhorrent but compelling to watch. One scene that has been at the heart of many a sexual fantasy of mine is when one of them feasts on the breast milk of a young mother. I am not sure quite why I found this extremely hot. I have never been overly maternal but in my mind there is something incredibly sexy about an adult taking sustenance and pleasure from a breast simultaneously – my breast!

Being a kid when glam rock ruled the world very much influenced my desires. I became a massive fan of the Rocky Horror picture show. Too young to have seen it when the amazing Tim Curry played the lead, I still managed to get my fill by buying the movie and attending any theatre production that I could get to.

I became so obsessed with this kind of scene that it became very much a want of mine for a guy to dress up like that for me. My man did a few years ago. And it was wonderful. He’s a very creative artistic individual with an ego. So he pulled it of brilliantly.

When Jim Carrey started out I was not a fan. But his talent won through, and in the past I have watched quite a few of his movies.

Side – The Truman Show is so dreadfully sad, more over because when it was released reality TV was not a ‘smash’. Now so many actually choose to live in the Truman Show for their five minutes of fame.

Nowadays I don’t really watch much TV. I think many programs are simply attempting to brainwash us. As for modern films, well they never seem to linger on a scene long enough for me to remain interested. Many reel out a succession of quick fire action shots. I am sure there are the exceptions but I would rather watch an older movie, read, or write – than subject my self to a barrage of over stimulation.

Movie stars I have perved over:

  • Robert John Downey Jr.
  • Daniel Day Lewis
  • Sean Young
  • Rutger Hauer
  • Tim Curry
  • Rosanna Arquette
  • River Phoenix
  • Keanu Reeves
  • David Tennant
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Al Pacino
  • Christian Slater
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Bless them all, and their millions 😉

Header image – Keanu and River – taken from a Tweet on Keanu’s birthday this year.

Originally written for

F4TFriday #107

But updated in 2021 for Wicked Wednesday

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19 thoughts on “Movies & Stars to Masturbate Over”

  1. I also have a thing for Robert Downey Jr and especially Al Pacino- loved him in The Devils advocate, a sexy movie if I’ve ever seen one! (also stars Keanu and Nicole Kidman. seriously, watch it!)
    I love that you referenced the Truman show (Carrey is a Canadian, and while I think he’s silly a lot, this role was Amazing!) What a great movie to show the conflict of illusion vs reality on self perception.
    And of course the porn of times past. Cheesy it was, but it’s what we had! lol

  2. We have probably watched more films in the last 18 months than the previous 20 (Mr E has a lot more time to fill lol)
    Watching Rocky Horror live, in costume, is definitely on my to do list.

  3. Here in Spain, the films that had more erotic content, lasting a few minutes, were marked as “S” films, and many cinemas were created for their projection. It was only for adults, of course, but the youngest were also allowed in. With those and movies and a lot of imagination that I have always had, I just fly. Until I read and watched O’s Story, and everything changed.

  4. I very much agree on modern films. Way too much action…it just frazzles my mind…maybe I am getting old 🙂 But I have a friend who knows a few calm indie films I am yet to watch.

    I had so many tv or movies crushes but the latest was “Fleabag”….exactly the kind of neurotic woman I tend to find fascinating but should not for obvious reasons 😉

  5. I don’t watch many movies, and if it doesn’t grip me in the first half an hour (more like 15 minutes), I lose interest. What I do love to watch are movies that are based on books I have read, or movies based on real events.
    ~ Marie xox

  6. I’m also fascinated by old porn movies, and I mean old OLD movies like silent era. I’ve seen some online, few survived and some may just have been modern ones made to look old. But just the idea of the great grandmas and grandpas of the world getting kinky is fascinating. Probably because it’s in contrast to the myth of elder generations being more polite and proper. The other reason being selfish. Will generations 100 years from now be looking back and find some of my “work” to enjoy or be fascinated by? I hope so!

  7. Having seen some old 80s porn movies I’m in total agreement about ludicrous plots and non sexy action. I much prefer a glimpse or a suggestion of sex in a mainstream film.

    Sean Young doesn’t do it for me but Rosanna and her sister Patricia Arquette do! I’m nodding to lots of your choices of men too – in particular David Tennant (have you seen him as Casanova? phwoar!)

    And yours and Pons’ comment (about leaving space for the imagination) has just reminded me about the glimpse of sex in The Go Between which at age 14 I found highly tittilating!

  8. I never saw those old porn movies but am catching up these days thanks to You Tube. I particularly like the German and Italian ones. But not the very old ones – too much bad music. There are normally no subtitles but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter. Now I must try and get hold of Going Places!

  9. I think there was something in the old film classification rules that required a ‘plot’ and dialogue, you could die laughing at the plot lines whilst getting quite bored with the repetitive manner of depicting sex.

    Going places I have heard of but never seen. The breast milk thing is interesting as I know this is highly sought after in the adult baby scene. Not that I can see Depardieu as a baby … lol

    I see you’ve got Rutger Hauer alongside our mutual Sean Young. I’d almost agree there until I reach the point where my swing doesn’t go far enough ?

    I do think you’re right in that much modern output is catering for the generations with short attention spans, where a fresh sensation has to be just around the corner. There’s less opportunity to savour plots and action for which your own imagination has time to add to and expand.

    1. And not that my fantasy involves any one involved in the baby scene
      I didn’t know about the old classification rules – but it makes sense looking back.
      Modern films give the watcher more of a chance to get so wrapped up without having to think that they can fall into a semi- hypnotic state – IMO x

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