Will moving in turn out be a Sin? Guest Post

Will moving in turn out be a Sin? Guest Post

One of the key themes running through my blog is that of communication. It can never be underestimated and should provide the backbone in any relationship dynamic.

In this post we see the importance of talking to each and discovering how compatible you are before the very serious step of moving in together has been decided.

What to Plan for Before You Move in with a Partner

Congratulations! You’ve found a partner that you’d be happy to live with. This is a momentous occasion. But before you start planning the decor, know that there are a few things you should consider before you take the leap.

Moving in together is a huge step in a relationship, and there are many logistical repercussions you should think about once you’ve decided that your current partner is the one you want to share a space with. There are also emotional concerns that are just as valid. Not to mention, you might have to deal with one or more bad habit (and your partner will have to deal with yours.)

Before moving in with a partner, consider these factors.

Is Your Partner Financially Dependable?

Usually, before you move in with a partner, you’ve been together for a fair amount of time. During this time, did you notice any erratic spending habits? Does it seem like they are financially stable enough to contribute to the household?

For some people, this might not be a factor that is that important to them. For example, if one half of your partnership is comfortable footing most of the bill or expenses, that’s entirely between the two of you. It’s also worthwhile to imagine what would happen if your partner took a financial or professional hit. Would you be able to help them along if they really needed it? Besides a logistical question, it’s also an emotional one. Once you get to this stage in the relationship, there is more than love and sex at stake – (just refer to omgkinky.com) – there’s also stability and support.

Are You Moving in Together for the Right Reasons?

Everyone may have different reasons for moving in. In some large cities, it makes financial sense to move in with a partner. You can both save so much money. But be sure that you’re moving in with a partner because it would be a good next step for your relationship. Not just because it would make financial sense.

Decide if you want to move in with your partner because you’re excited to start a life together, share a space, decorate, get a pet, and just share your mornings and evenings in each others company. This can be an exciting prospect, especially if this is the first partner you’re living with. Communicate with each other. Find out their thoughts and ideas about living together..

Don’t Forget About Those Bad Habits

Likely, you’ve already seen all the mildly gross things your partner does hygiene-wise or around the house. But you won’t know all about them until you’re actually living together. Do they leave the toothpaste cap off? Do you hate that? Are they averse to washing their dishes until the next day? Do they leave all their beard hairs in the sink? Are they just terrible at doing the laundry or making the bed?

Take Notes (not literally) on Your Sex Habits

Ah, on to the sexy stuff. Sex is fun when you’re not living with each other, but could it actually topple downhill when you move in together? The answer is on you. However, the benefits of living with your partner will allow both of you to learn the real sexual appetites of one another. You’ll have more time to play around and test out what is a “heck yes” or “no, just no.” Before moving in, it’s best to know how often you two would like to get down and dirty. Talk about the amount of sex that’s acceptable per week or month, before assuming your partner wants to be at it like bunnies twice a day.

The freedom to have sex whenever and wherever may well excite both of you…

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7 thoughts on “Will moving in turn out be a Sin? Guest Post

  1. ‘Are you moving in for the right reasons’ reminds me of the time I was still with my ex. We were going to move in together even though it seemed to me like our relationship was already starting to fall apart and I remember that my dad told me, “don’t move in if things aren’t right. That’s like couples that have a baby in an attempt to save their already failed marriage” which is a bit harsh I guess but it’s kind of true that these things are a bad idea! And so in the end I made the decision for us not to move in together and I never regretted it.

  2. I actually had to think about it to remember that my wife was the first woman I lived with. As in, shared a place together. She wasn’t my wife then of course, that happened years later. Previous long term girlfriends had their own places, and I had mine, and of course we would live in each other’s bedrooms for days (nights!) at a time – fucking like bunnies twice a day.
    When I met my future wife we were fucking like bunnies three times a day! We were workmates who shared a 4 bedroom house with two other singletons but … we started shagging the first night I moved in and that was that. Took about three months before we decided paying rent on two rooms was paying for one more than was necessary!

  3. we were so compatible except for the kink. stayed together for 39 years 3 beautiful children and 7 wonderful grandchildren. but as i felt the need for kink she left. maybe if we were more open in the beginning.
    this is a wonderful post

    1. Sindee thanks so much for the comment. I have been in a similar situation and was open about my kink but he still could not get his head round it – so I had to leave x

  4. Hey May – I moved in with my first partner at 19 – I did think about some of this stuff, but not very deeply. Mostly I thought it would be cool to live together.
    We started off well, but our attitudes to finance and employment were vastly different and he took advantage of me. Worse still, although we had intended to rent, we’d actually got a mortgage so it seemed we were cuffed together for 25 years … Argh!
    Anyway, as I was more practical, I managed to untangle from him, and I never lost that step I’d made on the property ladder, so it wasn’t ALL bad.
    Maybe I’ll leave this post lying around for my eldest to read as he is thinking about this right now>

    1. I wish I had been like you Posy – I was blinded by love and in the end we were not compatible and I lost too much of my own money – TY for reading xx

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