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Music Memories Gifted by my Mum

There are some memes that just work by their nature. Musically ranting is one of them. If you aren’t aware of it then pop on over to its new home.

Let me start by saying many of you will know since the 1st lockdown life has gone downhill for me. I am not alone, here. However, I am the turbulent adventurer. Locked up, I am just turbulent… Seriously, life has made me a bit ill recently and my man and I have had to literally re-address the ways and wheres to do with living. This is taking time and energy so I may have been less visual on your sites – reading and commenting. Not because of you – it’s me, and I apologise hoping to return to normal behavior soon…

Music Memories

Anyhow. The task in hand. I missed a prompt on musically ranting that meant a lot to me and now as the meme has a brand new home Jae is asking us to catch up – if we want. I do want. So totally inspired by the past prompt – Tribute to Mum – here we have My Mum’s Music!

Mum’s Music

Mum died in 2011 and I miss her. But last year I finally sat back and realised I was happy she is resting, as the lockdowns would have crucified her. I remember her vibrancy every day. By letting me be myself she taught me how to bring up my children. And as my daughters support and help me in my latest horror movie (yes I can be dramatic) just emphasizes to me, how much I owe her.

So Mum’s music…

Frank Sinatra. Ol blue eyes. Or were they brown? What a god given voice. A true talent and many of his songs were simply great entertainment. Frank was played at large family gatherings when I was very young. Everyone seemed to enjoy the songs so hearing his music fills me with happiness.

Neil Diamond. I have written more than once maybe as comments on blogs or here on my site, that I took Mum to see Neil in concert on a couple of occasions. I remember one was at Earls Court, London.

When I was a child his LP’s were kept by the record player and whenever she had the chance Mum played them. Neil provided the soundtrack for the background of my youth. Beautiful Noise. Song, Song Blue. I am I said – So many amazingly corny yet wonderful songs. So as soon as I had my own money I bought tickets and thrilled my Mum with seeing her favourite singer live. A lovely thing Neil always did was invite the audience down to the front of the concert hall. Then he would get off the stage and kiss them! Yes. It is true. We were not in the stalls so Mum didn’t receive that kiss but we both witnessed what a truly great entertainer the man was.

Julio Iglesias. Mum loved to listen to Julio sing in Spanish. And I have to say he was a personal favourite of mine. For spawning the delectable – but not so charismatic son – Enrique Iglesias. But more so because a particular beau of mine came round when I was looking after Mum’s house while she was away and was thrilled to see Julio’s music. The pair of us spent a fabulous care free few hours, playing all of his tunes.

Mum passed on the above artists to me, but what she really gifted was the memories that walk hand in hand with the music.

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Musically Ranting – Music Memories

8 thoughts on “Music Memories Gifted by my Mum”

  1. What a lovely post May and a great tribute to your mum. I love that you used the songs to reveal things about what she gave you. Sorry that things are so crappy for you. I am here if I can help at all. Missy x

  2. What a great choice of music your mom has. I think that the songs of these performers will always sound. For example, I listen to them very often now, when I get tired of Ava Max’s songs. No, I’m lying, they don’t bother me😊.
    And by the way, Enrique is also a great fellow. I especially love to listen to his CD Insomniak. Although he is still far from dad.

  3. Yes to Frank Sinatra, and of course, as you know, Neil Diamond has special memories for me too. Not only because that song you linked (thank you!) makes me think of my dad, but because I personally am a fan of his music too.
    ~ Marie xox

  4. Yes, ol blue eyes — I grew up well acquainted with the singers of his generation and the one slightly before… My cradle songs were pre-rat-pack, but Luck Be A Lady somehow made it in there as well. 🙂

    I did not post anything for the mother’s day prompt on MR — I have complicated feelings about my own mother and about motherhood in general — but I appreciate the reminder about “catching up.” I will give it some thought. 🙂

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