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This month I have  enjoyed writing a a couple of posts for Mrs Fever’s Music as Muse idea. Indeed I shall be linking this to the September Song Project too.

You can find all of the posts for that endeavour here.

This article is also for the Food for Thought meme.

Music in Mind

When I got thinking I realised I already have quite a few music related posts on my site. At some point soon I shall get round to tagging them all with their own category. But until then here are a couple you may enjoy.

I love some Bob Dylan songs. One of my favorites is Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. The song really could have been made into a whole movie. A while back I wrote this post, which gives you the opportunity to listen to the amazing song and also read the poem I wrote for my man as a present a few years ago. It is writen using a similar structure to the song mentioned, and it tells the story of us.

When I was originally setting up this site three years ago I was listening to a lot of Van Morrison. I am a great fan. He just makes me smile when I watch him perform. Though apparently the man himself can be quite grumpy. The name of this site is Sex Matters and there is a tag line that mostly does not appear – Don’t lose it or confuse it. I was inspired by Van the man’s song It’s alright, which is amazing and about sex and stuff.

Recently I wrote a post about where I found the inspiration for my series Bars. I was influenced by a song my brother in law wrote about a woman in a cage. If you have not already listened to it then I can assure you it is very entertaining.

My man used to be involved in the music industry. He has guested on my blog with two very well written episodes from those times. And he plays the guitar beautifully.

One song is all I need

Floss asks what songs should she go and listen to. Well there are loads including the ones I mention above. But if I had to choose just one song that continues to blow me away with its beauty it would be Beeswing by Richard Thompson.

I was never a fan of his until I found this masterpiece. I first heard the song performed by an unknown band. Naturally, I wanted to hear the original.

The love and loss that comes across in this extremely visual tale has me mesmerized each time I listen to it.  Not to mention the guitar playing is exceptional.

Give yourself a treat and click on play. Particularly if you know the Kent country side and enjoy a song that tells a story.

Beeswing Lyrics

Find the lyrics here.

And I will leave you with favourite line from the song…

But maybe that’s just the price you pay for the chains you refuse

Music Speaks #115
Music Speaks – One Song

11 thoughts on “Music Speaks ~ One Song”

  1. I can’t say music always stays with me as much as it does other people. It can motivate me and get me moving, but I don’t really have songs that influence me. My best friend, on the other hand, is a serious lover of music. Music is intensely personal I think. The ways it moves us especially

  2. i love when a singer still retains their accent in their singing voice. I’m not a big fan of Van the Man, but I do love Brown Eyed Girl and used to dance with my first baby to it – loved to hear the giggles as I swooped my baby along to the tune.
    Thank you for sharing so many of your musical influences with us.

  3. I heard him play this at a festival a few weeks ago – he is 70 and was in great form – I was just a bit disappointed to findy myself surrounded by women lusting after a man who is even older than me!

  4. Music is so personal. I’m a little behind on my reading right now but I have been seeing everyone’s music posts go by and it’s fascinating how much diversity there can be and how deeply touched we are as individuals by music. I enjoyed reading about some of your musical influences on the blog.

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