My Top Eleven Fiction Tales on Medium

As some of you know, me and a few other writer friends have now put a lot of our stories on Medium. Here is a little summary of those of mine that are doing well.

In my opinion, many genres of fiction on Medium deserve more recognition and reads. However, one genre in particular that does get a large amount of hits is Erotica.

I write fiction in many styles which include erotic stories, and often the tales of mine that get a goodly amount of interest are the ones I tag Erotica… But not always.

So, here we go with eleven of my

  • Top-performing fiction past and present
  • Faves that have been further distributed by Medium
  • My personal favourites
  • Dark fiction of mine

If you wonder where I got the idea for this post from, then don’t forget to check the end credits.

Highly viewed/read from the past 6 months

  • Squealed: My top story — based on statistics — is Squealed. A micro fiction (under 1000 words) tale that I published back in May of this year, but the numbers went a little crazy in August. So far it has had approx 6,500 views and earned nearly $400 gross. (No other story of mine comes anywhere close to this money wise). It’s a simple relationship story involving jealousy and spells. Published on my publication, Tantalizing Tales, and not tagged Erotica! NB added after publication: Squealed is not my best story by any means — I believe any story can take off on Medium if it is put under the right tags and with a little luck on your side.

Squealed – She was horny as hell. We fucked in the living room first. She squealed. Then once in the bedroom I spread her legs…

  • Summerhouse Surprise: My second most viewed is erotica and comes in at a little over 4,000 views and a lot less cash than the one above — just over $35. However, it has a 70% read ratio, which is pretty high — but not as high as a historical fiction piece of mine, which has 100%! Summerhouse surprise was my first story on My Erotica about a wife catching her husband, in the middle of the night, with the neighbour in the summerhouse.

Summerhouse Surprise – Rick is standing with his black dressing gown open and kneeling in front of him is our neighbor

Highly viewed/read from the last month

  • Spelling Beautiful: My most popular over the last month is Spelling Beautiful. A twisted little fiction tale published a few weeks ago on Tantalizing Tales, about a woman who catches her boyfriend cheating and decides the only way to get him back is to be beautiful. When I checked today, it had a little over 1,200 views and is still receiving quite a bit of attention daily.

Spelling BeautifulI – I blubbered while you zipped up your 501s, covering your pussy-smeared cock…

  • A One-Night Stand to Remember: This erotic tale was published a little over a week ago on My Erotica and has nearly 1000 views as of now. It is not very complex 🙂 and involves a very kinky holiday one-night stand.

A One-Night Stand to Remember – Some light bondage where I take the lead, and — well — you

My personal favourite fiction tales ‘curated’ by medium

Medium have it in their rules that they don’t curate erotica. Which puts some of my fiction out in the distribution cold.

  • Catch the Catcher: If you only have time to read one story of mine, then please read this. It went out on PS I Love You back in March, and I was so happy I had found a home for it on such a brilliant publication. I wrote the first draft of Catch the Catcher in about thirty minutes, and in my eyes it is the best short story I’ve ever written. I won’t give any spoilers.

Catch the Catcher – Fiction Friday — I’m the catcher. I have to catch ’em before they

  • Is there a Monster Under my Bed?: This Story is less than a month old and published on Microcosm. It was written to a prompt and was my first-ever horror, so I was very happy when it was distributed by Medium. It is a basic plot of, What’s Under the Bed — but with a twist!

Is there a Monster under my Bed? – We’d left a Halloween party where scary tales were shared, and consequently I was

  • Careless Talk: My latest fiction story. I published this for Remembrance Day on Tantalizing Tales. It is a WW2 tale that was heavily researched. I was thrilled to see it was distributed — not that this means extra views, because it doesn’t. But because there are three sex scenes in the story, and in my eyes all were relevant to the telling of the tale. What do you think?

Careless Talk – I heard your story — how the Messerschmitt had crashed near Derby and you only just escaped the fireball of the…

Two favourites of mine

  • Off to Work I Go: has not really received much attention. I wrote it for the MWC even though I didn’t think they allowed fiction, and published on Write Under the Moon. The idea came to me and I couldn’t resist turning it into a story. It’s a satirical tale about Snowy White and a vocal harmony group of seven girls. Give it a whirl…

Off to Work I go – So I’m invited into the audition room and Snowy is sitting there next to Jade who was the big online influencer of the…

  • Always Leave them Smiling: I defy you not to like something about this story. Even if it is just the image I have chosen. This is a serious tale about relationships and bigamy but with a lot of humour thrown in. And the lead character is a cheeky anti-hero. Published on Tantalizing Tales in July and comes in at almost 1,000 views.

ALWAYS LEAVE THEM SMILING – Tying Susie up and whipping her until she screamed stimulated more areas than I thought possible…

Dark Fiction Tales

In the past I have written quite a few dark fiction tales.

I think it is important to raise awareness of difficult real life issues such as violence or abuse.

Some people only seem to grasp what others have been through if they read a story about it. Here are a couple I have on Medium.

  • Twisting the Pain Away: This is about a dysfunctional family where one of the children takes revenge. On Redemption Magazine.

Twisting the Pain Away – You’re one twisted bitch. Jake’s folks have been round. You were in the woods with him. Sucking him off…

Fear is all Around — This dark tale is not for the faint-hearted. Domestic abuse and more. Just published on The Redemption Magazine, where I’ve recently become editor.

Fear i all Around – I lick my lips, mouth so dry. A drop of sweat drips onto my eyelid and I blink it


If you want to take a look at all my articles/stories curated by Medium check out this list


My Top Eleven story was inspired by this one from Paul Mansfield — give it a read…

9 thoughts on “My Top Eleven Fiction Tales on Medium”

  1. Ok, Catch the catcher is one of the best short stories I have read in a long time. I was totally engaged and I couldn’t put it down.

  2. I can’t wait to read through the list and may have to up my medium subscription so I can read more!

    Squealed was nice. Cute, and I liked the use of magic and the guy being brave enough to take on the challenge of being true without a spell.

    Read the blurbs for Beautiful, unless Levi’s has changed the 501 design they are button fly. No zippers. They are my Jean of choice and are always worn like I wear my kilts.
    I love the way you write. I will be reading more.

      1. Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know! I don’t think I can remember one of my pictures inspiring someone else’s stories! Thanks!

  3. Great idea to group these together & ponder the reasons for their success. Also a fab excuse to show your flexible writing styles. Well done May you deserve the recognition.

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