Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me

Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me

Naked Truth

There are numerous tasks or activities that can strengthen a couple’s bond. Things they share or do together – things that would be missed if they stopped. Of course there are sexual acts ranging from normal to kinky or even deviant, and household duties – the supermarket shop or cooking a meal together. All these might make you feel more attached to your partner due to the security that ritual provides.

What do you do for your partner or together that your friends might find intriguing?

One thing I enjoy doing for my man is running him a bath with coconut oil, candle light and a cocktail.

Here is the naked truth –

One thing my man enjoys doing for me is shaving my pussy.

Nude Pussy

It all started after we had been together for about six months. I had always had a relatively neat bush. I kept it trimmed but didn’t need to wax or shave just to create a bikini line as nature had gifted me a neat triangle. Furthermore, I had heard that if I did start shaving or waxing the edges it would grow back courser and thicker – so I left it. However, I had always said to anyone interested in such matters that I would shave it all off when I was older and I spotted the first grey hair.

When I met my man the fashion for nude pussy was upon us, featuring constantly on the porn sites. My man, being the dirty fucker that he is, asked if I would consider shaving. I gave him the “find a grey hair” reply and he was cool with that.


As the weeks passed I began to wonder what it would look and feel like naked. I wanted to please him and myself. We discussed the subject again and my main concern was the difficulty of doing it my self as I didn’t want to go to a salon. I knew I would get tired with such a routine. He immediately said that if I was sure I wanted to give it a try then he would always do it for me. I laughed – we were and are extremely close but wasn’t that taking it a little too far? After all my pussy and I had our own private relationship.

My Pussy and Me.

As a teenager my first orgasm was my doing. I remember also getting a mirror and being astounded at all the intricacies my pussy possessed. As I got older I loved that warm aroma that it emits at times when it has been bound up in knickers and jeans for long periods. I would sit in university lectures and feel secure when a slight whiff would reach my nostrils. Yes, I was very attached to my pussy, we had a somewhat possessive relationship. I would only share for both our enjoyment. Now here was this man who wanted to get in on the act. But I recognised there were a lot of changes going on in my life at this time and perhaps my pussy and I should embrace a new look.

With this in mind we decided to give it a go. Apart from requiring many razors, the first time was quite a hilarious scene. I laid down on our bed, legs wide open and an embarrassed expression on my face. He assured me- having shaved his face for so many years – that I had nothing to worry about as long as I didn’t make any sudden movements. After what seemed like an age he was finished. I dabbed my new nakedness with some t-tree antiseptic. I had read this would help close the pores and prevent irritation. Later I rubbed in some moisturiser.

The Naked Truth

My man loved my new look. He couldn’t keep his tongue out of the smooth groves of my cunt. Licking, touching and nuzzling. I was not so taken, as the next day it seemed there was new hair growth already, so I attempted some shaving myself. This was too soon for my sensitive skin, which protested by showing itself red and angry. This was not what I expected. I wanted perfection.

Over the next month we tried waxing, fancy razors and cream. The initial embarrassment I felt at letting him perform such an intimate task evaporated and the skin calmed down as it became used to being shaved every two to three weeks. I soon loved the way it looked and felt. The day after shaving my whole pussy feels more alive and seems to be ultra sensitive to any caress or lick. Apart from the visual appeal – it seems my cunt has extremely fine features – it is also far more hygienic. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way…

So there you are the naked truth. Are you proud of your pussy – or indeed do you love your women’s pussy?

8 thoughts on “Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me

  1. I love a clean shaven pussy. I don’t do it for my Queen but would if asked. She is usually unshaven though. She keeps a landing strip that is very short most of the time. Still when she does shave, it sends me through the roof! lol

  2. Just caught up with this post now thanks to a link from Indigo Byrd. I loved the detail in the story and how shaving off pubes is not as simple as it might first seem. Love the effect it had on you and your man. CPx

  3. I great story, nicely captures your former relationship with your pussy, and your new relationship – a threesome really between you, your pussy and your razor wielding man.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have offered to shave my wife’s pussy but she has always rejected me. She thinks waxing is safer and that shaving is dangerous. The result is that she doesn’t wax very often, reserving it for ‘special occasions’ (her words). Even getting her amenable to waxing took decades, since she was also of the belief that ‘it would grow back coarser and thicker’. Luckily a female scientist friend eventually set her straight on that myth. Hair is hair.

    And yes, I did go gaga for smooth pussy. And I still do, so it’s lucky my wife has done it a few more times since this post:

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