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Naked Wood Nymphet

Not much to say about wood nymphet, my Day 9 FebPhotoFest image.

I am naked. Not only am I outside I am also out of focus 😉 Oh, and I think I had my wellies on!

Taken last summer along with this shot that landed in the Sinful Sunday roundup,

Wood Nymphet

Check out my sharing post from yesterday.

Yesterdays FebPhotoFest Blogger Mention ~ This is a perfect shot – I have similar close ups of myself and am not keen. But this one works.

Day 9 Wood Nymphet

10 thoughts on “Naked Wood Nymphet”

  1. This honestly looks like really pretty art to me. I always like the kind of teasing of- I’m blurring myself in the background so you know what’s there but you can’t quite see it ?

    1. ah thank you Melody. The theme of my photo fest is outdoors – not wellies lol but I always seem to be wearing them outside!

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