Naked May More

Naked. Waiting to be Touched

Got to get out. Clear my head. The forest is the only place I feel sane at the moment. The air is so pure. I can breath easier. See more vividly. Think with clarity.

Just as I come into a clearing I see her. Naked. Laying on a mossy bank, as if on display. Her skin shinning in the light.

Slowly I walk over with an overpowering need to touch. As I approach I notice her mound is adorned with a slight growth of hair. Aroused, a drip of pleasure escapes and soils my panties.

At last I reach out and touch her skin – Stone. Cold and smooth as satin.

I can’t help myself. Quickly undressing I lay on top,  holding her. Rubbing my pubis against hers until my climax takes hold…

I need one or two more sentence to finish this flash fiction story. What do you think happens next?

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23 thoughts on “Naked. Waiting to be Touched”

  1. My legs stiffened in the throes of a climactic release, I was almost frozen like her. When warm fluid flooded my pussy, droplets leaked onto the contours of my stony lover, still she didn’t respond. In a daze I clambered to my feet, to admire her in repose; that’s when I noticed a tear trembling on her eyelid.

  2. I saw this and it brought forth an audible oh my….

    …rising pleasure elicited a moan and a stream of juices dripping over alabaster marble. Stone that began to warm as my orgasm hit its peak. Gasping for breath, my mouth was sealed with a kiss.
    “Thank you lover for breaking this spell of eternal sleep….”

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