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Neglected in a Negligee

Negligee comes from the French word négligé and literally means neglected. I like that!

So here is an image of me neglected 😉

And here is the bottom bit of the same lingerie.

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New Year

28 thoughts on “Neglected in a Negligee”

  1. I didn’t know that but somehow it seems appropriate…. and I have a few that have been definitely neglected in recent years but which I hope I might have more of a use for in 2020!


  2. I had opened the link of your favourite image in a new tab intending to look at it after leaving a comment and then I was so confused, unsure of where the favourite image would be and also thought: mhm, I don’t remembering opening my own blog? And then I had to go back and click on the link again and then it clicked lol
    Thank you!! ?? I’m so glad you liked it

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