Nine Favourite Photos From 2017

This entry follows on from my last SOSS post, where I mention that Aurora Glory published a summary article each month.  Recently, I also noticed that she had just tweeted her nine favourite photos for 2017. That is a great idea, I told her. I am not shadowbanned at the moment. So I immediately put a Tweet out, comprising of my favourite nine from over the past year. Done even before I had time to finish my wine!

Here it is – click on any image and scroll through the photos.

Many thanks to all those who read and comment on my posts and to my subscribers and Twitter friends. I very much appreciate your support.

4 thoughts on “Nine Favourite Photos From 2017”

  1. Being the pervy pants I am I obviously had to come and check this post out too after the 2018 version. I really do love that first images. The collar and the way your top is laying is just very inspiring and I do enjoy a bit of sexy inspiration x

  2. Yes, that is a fine collection of images your man has taken of you. (No doubt made easier for him by your fine collection of assets). Long may they continue May!

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