Non-Fiction Choices Matter

Non-Fiction Choices Matter

I am going to share six non-fiction books with you. They may not appeal to lots but are the kind which could come in handy at some point.

The first three non-fiction books are to do with food or nutrition. Due to health reasons I became heavily informed in both.

I found Linus Pauling and he became a kind of god in my eyes. These books knocked me sideways for the science and the logic there in.

Linus Pauling
  • Vitamin C, the Common Cold and the Flu.

  • How to Live Longer and Feel Better.

If you want to know the history of this vitamin or how Vitamin C provides an amazing boost to your immunity then read these first. It is straight from the horses mouth.

Cooking Without

by Barbara Cousins

I bought the first edition of this in the late 90’s which cost four times the price of the current version. But the book assisted me no end when I had to cut many foods out of my diet due to food intolerance. Not only that it taught me to cook from scratch and how to make simple foods taste wonderful.

The Road Less Travelled

by Dr. M. Scott Peck

I think many people would push this book aside and say it it not worthy but it is here because it is another recommendation that helped me so much in my life. When I didn’t know where to turn and how to move on emotionally I read this and felt a moment of grace. I have recommended it to my eldest when she hit mental and emotional dire straits. It is worth a try.

The Diary of Anne Frank

I am sure all of you have heard of this book. I have read it as and adult and to my kids . But it is really a mature themed book. The content requires a stable mind to take in all the ramifications. The horror of the events in WW2 seen through a young girls eyes. A young girl whose life was truly under threat.

My wife is a Sex Blogger – Non-Fiction – About Me and Mr More

Inigo More

Well my man wrote this over the course of a year living with me. I have not read it but can assure you he is an excellent writer. So if you are asking how can I recommend it without reading? Well I know what our life is like. And we are not short of any kind of stimulation.

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5 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Choices Matter

  1. My wife is a Sex Blogger – Non-Fiction – About Me and Mr More sounds really interesting! The concept alone, whether it had been you or not, would be something that sparks my interest. I might pick it up someday but I know I haven’t been in the right reading mood since a few months

  2. Do you have the unedited version of Anne Frank? When it was first published portions of it were taken out because they dealt with sexuality and that was seen to be improper for a young girl to be thinking. I read the full text and couldn’t understand why any of it needed to be removed, but different times…

  3. I wondered if anyone was going to mention Anne Frank. With as much as adolescents are moaning and groaning right now about having to stay home… If they were staying home — and silent, and hidden, and under threat of Nazi violence — in the way Anne Frank had to, I don’t think they’d make it.

    We have so many luxuries now, and people take them for granted. I’d absolutely recommend (re)reading The Diary of Anne Frank to anyone who needs reminding of how far we’ve come and/or how much we can do (without).

    1. Yeah – thanks for this comment – very much the point I was trying to out across by including it
      Well worth taking another look at this book

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