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November 2019 ~ Earning & Learning #SoSS

November has been a little bit of a re-birth for me. Having had some very challenging times this year I am finally feeling more positive and am bursting with ideas for the future.

Producing great blog content while Earning and Learning

This last month I posted the 400th post on my blog.  I should say I have published more than that as I did also have a subdomain that was deleted because of a security scam. You can still view some of the posts from that site on a blogger account.

Anyway, Elliott Henry commented on my 400th post kindly saying I had consistently produced quality work. It got me thinking and I realised it was almost a year since I began to constructively put time and effort into earning revenue on and off my blog. I have to say at first the reason I decided to do this was because I need the money. Even just  a little helps with blogging costs.

Bellesa published my first paid fiction piece almost a year ago. It made me very happy. By receiving payment I almost felt validated.  But then came the added bonus of the buzz I get from seeing my work in other places.

I have managed to earn a little every month since then.

Elliot’s comment meant on awful lot to me.  I think it  takes dedication to produce work good enough to get paid for and still manage to put out decent writing on a personal site. Mr Henry made me feel as if I had achieved this.

There are many reasons why bloggers decide they want to earn revenue using their blog as a jumping off point. And there are many ways you and your blog can attract commercial interest and achieve such a goal – a topic which will be included in my Eroticon talk.

New to Earning

What I want to do in this sharing post is recognise the awesomeness of those of us who have begun, over the last year or two, to earn while effectively we are still learning and navigating the blog-sphere.

I will share my own work first then the Soss will follow.

I do also understand those who want to keep their blog fun, sexy and very much personally theirs. And that’s more than awesome too.

(Special thanks to Kayla’s Smutlancer for teaching me so much.)

My November 2019 Blogging Summary

In each summary I try to highlight my best content for that month. This time my stats also reflect this.

Writing on my blog ~ November 2019

I was quite surprised to find this top of my monthly views although I would certainly have chosen it. The post looks back on the first time my man and I got together – this time around – to see if our attraction was just that or the real thing.

I am indeed proud of this mystery story – Smile for the camera. It was published last month and was the most viewed older post during November 2019. It may have something to do with the fact it was featured by Molly – thank you –  in Elust this month.

The third most viewed was  a guest post by Mr More. All about Sex bloggers. It was also chosen in the roundup for Wicked Wednesday. You can now find him on his new blog.

Audio is new

I will definitely do more of this in the future – but for now here are a couple of older stories brought to life by me narrating and my man producing 😉 A little tongue in cheek 😉

Images on my Blog

This image was one of my favourites during November 2019 and got A LOT of views this month.

Work for Others.

Bellesa published this MFF threesome tale of mine – Numbers game.

I always enjoy writing for Frolic Me. This story was written to accompany a movie of theirs and has a voyeuristic theme.

November Sharing SoSS

So enough of me and on to some of the awesome bloggers who are consistently producing brilliant content on their blogs whilst earning and learning on their blogs &/or in the writing community.

For each one I have chosen a particular post that I feel represents them or their blog.

Little Switch Bitch ~ I found this post about self inflicted pain fascinating and it made me realise something about myself too.

Posy Churchgate ~ If you want HOT then read this all about Mirror masturbation. Now do you want to try?

Jupiter Grant ~ What an imagination this lovely lady has. Have a look at the image in this post then read – a mind set racing – and you will agree with me 😉

Charlton Tod ~ I liked this tale – Danny  – from the start but as it unfolds it gets even better. A short story gem.

Darling Nikki ~ Writes about how her and her partner are learning and exploring together.

ML-SlavePuppet ~ Is a new blogger and am looking forward to what she posts. Try this one for starters – a candid look at mental health and its relationship with her identity.

Violet Fawkes ~ I love this tale. It is so hot and sassy. Just like the author really. Relax and have a read of Pool Boy.

Quinn ~ This is a story all about a man who plays guitar and his fingers. I do love a guitar playing man 😉

Isabelle ~ On display is an extremely hot and well written story that will heat up your cold winter nights.

BBW Sub & Kenneth Scott ~ These guys are new to me. They write about so many different topics, including BDSM. But having had my own thoughts about having a cookery section I am delving into those posts first.

Liz Black ~ I do love a post about consent. This one looks at how consent should allow you to explore limits as well as keep you safe.

Violet Grey ~ Talks about Want and Need and how she likes her partner to behave during anal sex.

Kinky & Nerdy ~ This piece – Nameless, faceless strangers –  is very nicely done and the ending is just perfect.

Images SoSS

Here is my very very favourite image I have seen over the last month. Many thanks to the Accidental Masturbator for letting me feature it in this post.

Poster Boy ~ From November 2019 ~ Click image to view post

Once again Eye makes a simple image interesting and sexy with Practical Magic.

Really love this Sinful Sunday guest post image – Never Within – from last week by Chris Thomas aka poopiephotographer.


Over to Melody ~

Volunteering to help with SB4MH has been good for my reading self-discipline in that I make sure I read all the linked posts.  Which means that after several months I am reading regular posters and learning their stories and circumstances.  It’s the back stories that really interest me, understanding in depth rather than a snapshot.
This month has seen topics related to the holidays and travel, phobias and open topics.
A big thank you to everyone who posted, I know how hard it can be to post when it’s about intensely personal experiences.  And for this reason I never consider the choosing of one post for the whole month to be about picking a winner – how we as an individual cope with with stresses and personal adversity is not a competition.
With Christmas fast arriving and already at Thanksgiving for our US colleagues the spotlight this month had to be around this topic as it’s one that pretty much all of us can relate to.  Especially the existential and real dread the holidays can induce.
This months pick is from MLSlavePuppet @MlSlave because … yeah … family at Christmas ??‍♀️
F4 Thought

I am not going to mention any particular Food for thought posts as Floss and I will be doing a Xmas SoSS especially for our meme. But the current topic is indulgence.

And from next Tuesday the prompt will be One Book – Tell us about your favourite or most read book. The one you can’t ever forget.

One Post

With that in mind I am going to highlight One Post from November 2019 that I keep thinking about. Trans Identity from Melody was not linked to any memes. An excellently written, thought provoking essay.  Sparking quite a discussion in the comments section. If you could only read one, make it this one.


I am very happy to have a sponsor for Sex Matters.

Secrexy are an online adult product store. You can also find them on twitter.  If you enjoy my work please check out their shop as it is because of companies like  Secrexy that I can afford to publish regular content on my site.

(First published 30/11/2019)

23 thoughts on “November 2019 ~ Earning & Learning #SoSS”

  1. Congratulations on your 400th post and also on your most recent award. You certainly are a more disciplined writer/blogger than I and I enjoy your work immensely. And the photos you and your man take too!

  2. I meant what I said, May, and this post is a perfect example. The thought that you put behind every word is evident. And yes, we do know how you love a guitar playing man.

  3. Just a note about food, since you mentioned cookery in your musings…

    I know you’ve said you like when I post about food, so I thought I’d let you know that the 10th annual Cookie Exchange Extravaganza, hosted by Jz at A Reluctant Birch will be taking place December 10th:

    It was started for the purpose of giving sex(y) bloggers something of mutual interest to bond over in an everyday way. Jz has organized it from the beginning, and it’s super easy to participate. All you have to do is tell her you’re joining in, and post a recipe on the appropriate day. 🙂

    1. Ohhh thank you Feve – will take a look 😉 I do love food – am including it very appropriately in my food for thought post tomorrow 😉

  4. Congratulations on #400, and also on consistently producing excellent quality work here, always a pleasure to stop by your blog.

  5. You may be looking forward to my speech but I am not – I am so not a public speaker – but I shall try and keep it fun. And also TY- because u were the person to first mention Bellesa to me x

  6. Wow, 400 posts. It’s fascinating and inspiring reading what you’ve written above. I’m quite intrigued by your fiction pieces. I’m going to save the url’s to read when I have some time.

    I personally love blogging and seeing everyone else write about various topics. Yet at the same time, I find it really hard to find the time to do everything. I have to dedicate a time slot on a particular day to read other people’s content as there’s just not enough time to write, take photographs, read and essentially do everything in combination with ‘normal’ life things that need to be done. I think that’s what I’m struggling with the most as a new blogger.

    I can relate very much to how being recognised in some way makes me feel acknowledged, which inspires me to continue and put out even better content, so thank you for recognising me. Your content is really good and it’s impressive that you can keep it up so consistently. Side note, I love the title you gave to this post. Captures it so well and just sounds so pleasant.

    Anyway, very long comment, haha.

    1. Blogging is a juggling act at times. It is good to plan ahead if u can. I don’t always but since I have been co-hosting F4Thought I have had to be a little more organised.
      So glad u liked the title – I think i am good at choosing just the right title but no body has said anything before lol
      Mu blog is a bit of a magazine site. But I do enjoy my fiction. You can pick and choose from this link
      Keep up the good work x

      1. Yeah, I’ve made an excel file to stay organised haha! And write ahead a lot. I can imagine that once you start hosting or co-hosting you HAVE to be organised.

        Titles are so important! I love well-chosen ones. Am surprised I’m the first to mention that yours are good haha

        Oh, thanks!

        You too x

  7. Great to see you coming out of the woods, I hope the positive progress continues and paid publishing becomes a mainstay.

    As for the ‘One Post’ mention … well, thank you ??

  8. What an interesting post May – I agree it takes quite a bit of discipline, dedication and enthusiasm to maintain regular blog posts. Pressure which increases when you also choose to create content for other sites. Well done for getting income for your work, in addition to attracting a blog sponsor – I am very impressed.

    You do seem bursting with ideas for moving forward and, characteristically May, still supporting and cheerleading your fellow bloggers. Thank you for mentioning my work and my space. I am looking forward to your talk at Eroticon. I’m grateful for the different sites you host so that some of the slightly less sexy, but also necessary, topics can get aired. You rock!

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