November ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS

November was a very busy month for me. Work-wise, and as you will see in my blogging world. My days started very early and often an eerie mist covered the fields. (see header image.)

Oh yes – a whole month under the shadow ban of the Twitter gods. Longest one for me.

My November Blogging Summary

I AM NUMBER 8 ON THE TOP 100 SEX BLOGS LIST! Can’t tell you how thrilled I am. I have worked hard but enjoyed every minute. Congratulations to number 1 – Marie and to everyone who made the definitive list. Thanks to Molly and Michael for all their hard work.

My most read November post was an older one all about face slapping. The most viewed image was my second guest post from Gypsy Tangerina for Sinful Sunday. I don’t often get eclipsed by a guest 😉 – so well done Gyspy.

Writing on my blog

Very much enjoyed finishing off my collaboration with Cousin Pons – the period it was set in allowed me the licence to use as much purple prose as I liked. I usually shy away from it.  CP and I will be writing together again in December, so look out for that.

I put my serious hat on and wrote a SoSS article all about television. It really does appear smart people are finding other things to do and being far more selective in their viewing habits.

Was happy to get two of my posts chosen in the Wicked Wednesday round-up this month. This one all about how the smell of a man once led me into trouble. The second was an inspiring guest post from Gypsy Tangerina.

When I saw the KOTW prompt was men in panties I could not have been happier and wrote this cheeky flash fiction story.   Jo chose it in her roundup on Wicked Wednesday.

The smut marathon comes to an end today. Please read and VOTE. This month I have been extra busy with work and attempting to get my final entry in. As Marie knows, I nearly didn’t make it. Reading all the other entries, it appears to me every one of them has raised their game. My semi-final entry is now on my blog and just want to say how proud I am to have reached the final.

November Writing elsewhere

The sisters in smut are such a welcoming fabulous bunch. I was really happy to join them as a guest on their blog with a post all about how love does not always run smoothly. You can meet the sisters here.

I was very excited when Bellesa, a great porn site for women – (but guys are welcome to have a peek,) – accepted my story submission and only yesterday it went up on their site. Please have a read, I think you will like it.


I also managed a top five in Sinful Sunday with a strange photo. I had a lot of fun creating it. But my favourite personal image  is this one.

I posted it in my Masturbation Monday post in celebration of being their weekly prompt.

Made in the USA – SoSS for November

I thought this would make a good theme for my SoSS as Thanksgiving was just a few weeks ago. Not to mention I know some great American bloggers.

  • I miss M – loved her photos so much and the honesty in her words. She may be gone but her blog is still puttng out heart breaking scheduled posts.
  • Elliott is well known for his photos. Lately, he has included a lot more everything on his site, some guest posts and he has also written some great flash fiction.
  • Still on the flash theme, Beatrix writes some amazing flash stories.
  • I think it would be difficult for Lucy to write a bad story. This one particularly caught my eye, not to mention my cunt!
  • Ria wrote a very haunting story. Contains spanking and was so HOT and beautifully written.
  • Kayla has her fingers in a few pies 😉 and her smutlancer blog is full of so many useful posts for bloggers. Personally, I love a good list to follow.
  • Shelly from Pleasure Conniseurs tells us all about the importance of sex education, whatever your age.
  • I can not think of ever reading one of Jo’s posts and it not making an impression on me . This one is written so well and very sexy.
  • If you love reading this is the blog for you. Cara continues to delight and inspire me with her writing.

My favourite images this month came Mrs Fever – and here they are, a trio, but also check out the message on her post.

It is a slideshow so watch the transformation.

I will end this month with one of my favourite American bloggers – well one of my favourite bloggers of all – Sassy Cat. She posts a lot of information regarding different mental health issues and has a list of posts on her blog that links to other sex bloggers who have featured a mental health related post. Cat has created this badge which can be used by those wanting to support the resource she has on her site. Please copy it and put it on your own blog and be a Sex Blogger 4 Mental Health.

#SB4MH Click the badge to see other sex bloggers 4 Mental Health



13 thoughts on “November ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS”

  1. Lovely round up May – great idea to work around a theme. I agree with the posts & pictures you’ve picked out as notable for November. I really enjoyed your collaborations and am very pleased to meet your new guest contributor Gypsy. The way you’ve spread your wings with your writing has been wonderful to watch and I look forward to reading the piece you’ve posted on the Bellesa site.

    Finally big congrats on getting into the Smut Marathon final (well deserved indeed) and your wonderful high placing on the top 100 which Molly compiled this week – this effectively reflects a year of consistent hard work and great community sharing – I have most definitely benefitted from your guidance and I’m not alone.

  2. Another fine #SSOS, May. You are one of the best at compiling a list, even when I am not on it. Fun to see your American List.

    Congrats to see you in the Top Ten of Molly’s list of sexy writers, if it were up to me you would be #1, as I think you are one of the most well rounded sex bloggers. (Stop it! I am not just referring to your breasts)

    1. Thank you Elliott for all your support i think my placing of #8 is more than high enough and am very proud 😉

  3. It was our pleasure having you on the SiS website! I felt the post you wrote is an excellent way to tell people love is love even when it’s messy. Thank you again! XoXo

  4. Youve worked very hard on your site, writing and networking and this proves hard work pays off! I’m very happy for you, you earned it.
    You almost made me cry! Love you dearly you sweetheart!
    Congratulations from across the pond! Thank you for your love & support!

  5. You’ve really shone this year. In Smut marathon and blogging and just tour general support of other people in the community. Thank you for reading, May. And sharing as always

  6. Wow. Thank you for your support. This is great news. Wish you so much more success to go with it. ?

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