Nudity, Shadows and Copyright

This really is a fabulous image for the Masturbation Monday Prompt.

Elliott Henry’s photos are very distinctive . It is easy to know one when you see it. His trademark appears to be including another person, usually a sex blogger, in the shot – showing this was the stimulus for his arousal.

I love this creativity. It’s an honest way of expressing himself and that has to be a good thing. Anyone not keen on this kind of smut shouldn’t click on that page. Simple.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of expression and speech is a very important part of society.

The other day I mentioned to Cousin Pons that society seems to be returning to pre-Victorian values rather than advancing.

This is what I wrote on the subject of censorship last year:

Censorship, in general, is broadening in all areas. Free speech being cast out to make room for safe space. But trying to shut people up does not change their opinions. I do not advocate hate speech but – I will fight for your right to voice your opinion even if I do not agree with it.

Shadow Banning

I will once more explain shadow-banning for those bloggers who are not yet familiar with the concept.

If one of Twitter’s algorithms puts your profile on the blacklist (shadow-ban), then the general public receives a limited view of your tweets. Twitter is censoring your interaction. Only your followers can view the tweets in their timeline. Others will be shown just the replies made to your tweets. Twitter dictates this.

Tweets to # groups will not be picked up in a general search and nor will your shadow-banned profile.  Any RT’s made are also invisible to non-followers.

A Shadow-ban checker used to be available online. This is not accurate any more. Here is the best way to find out your fate.

  • Open a new private window

  • Type in this URL – and click on it.

  • When this page comes up put in your Twitter handle and press enter

  • If your profile does not come up along with your tweets then you are shadow-banned

  • Mine looks like this now – my profile is not shown and only replies are seen – I am shadow-banned.

  • Posy is not shadow-banned and hers looks like this

The above depicts what Joe Public can see when he searches the Twitter database for a profile, he does not follow, that is shadow-banned.

What Behaviour puts you on the Naughty Step?

Nobody is completely sure what behaviour will lead to this soft ban.

I have worked out that images within Twitter cards like this-

do not seem to produce a ban. But when an actual photo is attached to a Tweet, the algorithm seems to check it and then occasionally, if it is deemed to be risqué, an immediate shadow-ban will follow.

Okay, so there must be times when maybe a Twitter user has been oh so naughty and needs to be put on that step for a week or so (the usual length of a shadow-ban). But surely not for posting this image…

Nudity ~ the lovely Dominique

When Tweeting a nude or semi-nude I often check my status after the pic hits my timeline. My profile was put on the blacklist as soon as the above image appeared on Twitter.

Nudity and our Children

Today I read a fabulous article from Zara, it raises all kinds of interesting points. Here is one of them. Quote;

it’s important that we don’t allow the next generation to grow up feeling ashamed of their bodies or themselves, especially due to our own hang-ups.

Such a valid concern. Particularity when we are living in a world where massive conglomerates, like Twitter, are teaching children that a photo of a naked body is a risk, so needs to be hidden. Whilst other huge companies market shoot me up computer games for our children’s entertainment.

What will they do to the wonderful Michael Angelo’s, David? Put clothes on him?

Rather than letting children be brainwashed by social media that nudity is something to be ashamed of and needs to be hidden away, let’s teach them to adore and be proud of their bodies.

I signed my daughter up for a life drawing course at the local art centre when she was 16. Her artwork improved so much from completing it. We still have some of the fabulous nude sketches drawn at that time. Now she has an Instagram page and attempts to post her current nude artwork – most are taken down. The powers that be need to get a grip and appreciate art. Not all nudity is porn. For goodness sake, I have seen the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. A similar work of art would be frowned upon if promoted today.


 A law that would mean people in the UK would have to prove they are 18 before being allowed to access pornography websites, has thankfully been postponed. (Let’s just remember legally in the UK you can have sex at 16 – but apparently not watch it!).

Such a piece of legislation would cause all kinds of complications. If verification requires the person to enter bank card details. This will inevitably open the door to problems such as fraud. Not to mention the cost to sites in implementing the necessary software.

Article 13

Now, however,  we are being threatened with another law from the EU that will open the door to mass internet censorship – taking us away from the open world wide web we have all enjoyed for the last 20 years.  Article 13 wishes to enforce strict rules on copyright. Anything that may technically be seen as a breach of copyright – such as memes,  and other types of user-generated content – would all be at risk. It is also possible a “tax” on links may be enforced.

Don’t get me wrong, there is possibly a plus side for let’s say, musicians, who as it stands, no longer have control over downloads of their own songs or indeed receive payment for their work. But I don’t think the law is attempting to protect them – rather than hoping to close down avenues for the ordinary person to explore.

Another thing to consider is that by putting the necessary code in place to abide by these rules, everything we post will be spied upon – so a decision can be made as to whether it should be censored or not.

A further problem with Article 13 is that it makes no exceptions for fair use (a legal concept that allows the reproduction of copyrighted material for certain purposes without obtaining permission) – a foundation of the internet.

Freedom of Choice

It’s a very sad state of affairs that we are not left to use our own critical thinking skills to choose what we wish to view.   I am more than capable of working this out without the need for default filters and blocks, to protect me and my family. I don’t need to be told what is good for us. As a capable individual, I can make this decison.

I agree with Isabelle that we need to educate our children with regards to sex, it is a big part of life. It is our job to make sure they are prepared and also to keep them safe online.

What can we do about enforced censorship? Well share each others content on Twitter (#SoSS)  and in our own blogs. Let’s all be aware  about what is happening around us. Apart from that I really don’t know…

Nudity Masturbation Monday #199

NB: When posting I normally use my own images. Or gain permission from the owner. I also use Pixabay and if downloading an image online I check properties to ensure ownership is attributed to everyone.


To read ~ Article 13

14 thoughts on “Nudity, Shadows and Copyright”

    1. Hi thanks so much for reading – censorship gets me rattled so I tend to write a post about it ever 3 months or so – keep banging the drum 😉

  1. I wish I had an idea of how “fix” these things, but I think Molly’s got it right…we have to keep doing what we do and chip away at it bit by bit. Individually we’re too small to be noticed but as a group, maybe we can make a dent collectively. Part of why I don’t change my behaviors (much) when it comes to posting online is because I figure I’ll be banned for my words or my images, and have little control over it, so I might as well do what I like. Especially since I have no idea who it’ll reach when links are shared and tweets retweeted. Someone who may be empowered by my smut might find it, so I keep doing it. Censorship be damned 🙂

    1. I too agree about the power of the group or community and I cant say i change behaviour that much apart from putting out a post like this lol 😉 x

  2. I think the only thing we can really do is just keep talking about it, keep writing posts, keep posting pictures, keep on hopefully making a small dent in things.


    1. Thanks Molly – i think you are right – that’s why every so often i put a post out about it – just to try and keep others informed and as you say make a small dent into the wedge x

  3. Very informative article May, thank you. I hadn’t realised the other way to check status, it’s been a while since I’ve been posting consistently so I haven’t given it much thought. But I did post a nipple the other day so I wonder…
    When I think back to the material that was routine in my younger days, it’s glaringly obvious how repressed societies are becoming in this area. And while I totally agree that we have to consider the safety of minors, there is a point where it becomes repressive.
    Indie xx

    1. absolutely right Indie – Parents should look after the safety of their minors because what is happening now is the censorship wedge is being inserted into our online lives beneath the smokescreen of “public safety” and “child protection”. xx

  4. A great post May. As best I can tell, only the US constitution grants its citizens ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the rest of the planet is just presuming common law rights that aren’t enshrined in law.
    Just today I received a note from Tumblr saying my post was marked as ‘sensitive’. They tell me how to fix it (by marking my blog as ‘explicit’ – which I’m happy to do) but when I try I cant do it. Their instructions refer me to something ‘settings’ that does not exist.
    I think most social media account holders would be happy to comply and mark their content so that people who dont want to see it wont, but they systems aren’t there. Shadowbanning is probably the worst way it can be done, and yet… its Twitter’s preferred response. IMO what theyre really saying is “yes, we want you so we can have your private data, but we’re not going to let anyone see your stuff in case we get sued for porn later”

  5. A very thorough article on the sorry state of play at the moment. Thanks for all that up to date infomation May about shadowbanning and Article 13. I now feel much better informed. CPxx

  6. Great post May – further education for me that’s for sure. I use Pixabay too if the image isn’t mine, but perhaps I should say when that is the source (that’s a few posts to edit!)
    Hope you’re out of the shadows soon!

    1. I tend to use pixabay on twitter but as a member, you get the downloads free – it would be nice to credit them but not vital xx

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