October 2019

October 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS

October has been a somewhat challenging month for me where a few personal matters were concerned. But on the other hand I was very lucky to spend the first half of the month in a beautiful part of the UK where the header shot was taken.

My October 2019 Blogging Summary

I now have nearly 400 posts on my blog. This month I took to updating my about me page and organising an area where readers can find what I consider to be my best work. Be it fiction, personal or images.

Some of the writing on my blog

  • The most viewed fiction post was a favourite of mine. Smile for the Camera. A bit of a mystery story. If you haven’t read it yet I do recommend it 😉
  • As I mentioned above I have had challenges to face this month. I wrote a little about it here. Then reflected upon the issues I had raised – Does that make me a Witch. This was the most read non-fiction post on my blog in October 2019.
  • A post from my archive that keeps trending is all about my man going commando. Every time I see it listed in my side bar as being viewed it makes me smile.
  • If you like filth then read this. I only posted it the other day and it has already had loads of reads.
  • This month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Having viewed Tabitha’s amazing post about the topic, I wanted to add my support so wrote an article about a friend of mine who is a survivor of breast cancer.

Work for Others.

I always say that I love writing for the Big Fling because it is true.  I get to describe the sexy fun I have with my man, a bit of a forte of mine. In this article I discuss incorporating sex toys when playing with your partner. And of course I include a true tale where Mr More and I got down and dirty with some toys.

Some of the Images on my Blog

Quite a hard hitting image entitled Forced was the most viewed photo on my blog this month.

My personal favourite was one of me in a coat and wellies!

The Ivy and Me – October 2019

And the above photo also works with my sharing image theme this month of socks and shoes…

October ’19 Sharing SoSS

Shoes & Socks photos SoSS


Challenging Times #SoSS

In the selection (above) of my own posts I have included The Road Not Travelled, which delved into difficult situations and my reaction. I thought I’d continue with that theme here.

I want to start with these three posts which are all discussing the same situation from their own perspective.
  • This Moment from Molly. I really related to this post having found myself at a similar point in my own life before.
  • Third Eye Blind. From the lovely Cara. Indeed we do learn from everything.
  • The Center.  Michael now has a new blog if you want to keep up with his writing.
More challenging times SoSS
  • Marie has been publishing a true life series over on her blog. It tackles complex issues and as usual Marie writes well and bravely. You can find the whole series here.
  • I am fast becoming a fan of Liz Blacks style. CW – In this post she talks about very personal issues including suicide and her kinks.
  • Very interesting post from EveRay about corporal punishment and BDSM.
  • I see so many aspects of life in this well written poem from Steve.
  • Eye always blows me away with her honesty.
  • Nero and his wife have been having Sex Therapy. He wrote about it for SB4MH. If you like Nero’s writing you should read it.
SB4MH Pick from Melody

Melody and I are involved in the admin side of this meme.  Writing for SB4MH is challenging so a few months ago we both thought it would be nice to start highlighting a post from all the months entries in my SoSS.

Over to Melody…

October 2019 saw Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day.  The link ups to #sb4mh  have been outstanding.  The openness expressed in the posts is daunting and I thank all of you for participating.
From all the different perspectives and topics that people share with #sb4mh we learn many things.  I refuse to use the term ‘picking a winner’ when it comes to this monthly pick, everyone who participates is a winner, and I also mean those who read and are not ready to share.
This month I have chosen a post that I think expresses something common to almost every writer who posts on #sb4mh.  I don’t think I have ever seen a post calling for sympathy or pity.  Authors write about coping with lives that can be challenging on a daily basis, often with inspiring humour and grace that challenges the stereotypes that people associate with mental health/illness.
The thing is, I don’t think I’m strong or brave regarding my mental health challenges. Bloody minded, tenacious and pissed off maybe.READ MORE of STRONG AND BRAVE from Kisungura.
Positivity rules

And with that in mind I want to finish with these posts.

This weeks topic for Food for Thought is Secrets.

Please check out some of the links above. They come highly recommended from me 😉



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