October ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS

October is always beautiful. I do find it sad too, as the pretty leaves begin to fall and the year is closing in.

My October Blogging Summary

My favourite image of mine is this one.  It’s also my most viewed post – Duh! Tits! The B&W version adorns my new about me page.

Writing wise I have put out a variety of posts this past month. I’ve really enjoyed joining in with F.Leonora’s Friday flash fiction meme. It is such good training to try and write short complete stories.

Still on the fiction front I finished my series about Eddie and blood. Learned a lot by writing it. Will share in another post.

Cousin Pons and I have been talking for a while about writing together. Being as I am still in the Smut Marathon – I know, and am very happy about it, I jumped at the chance to let him do the hard work on the plot and just provide the female POV. It is such fun to write with someone who has a unique voice. I’d read most of the English classics by the time I was 14 so very much enjoy attempting to match his style of writing.

But, fiction aside, what I want to focus on in this SoSS is keeping it real. I really put that theme out there with a post about my Mum this month.

Waking up one morning with my man’s cock teasing my mouth inspired another true post and looking back on a time I resorted to researching spells was a reality I had to smile about.

Keeping it Real SoSS Writing

Hearing about Julie’s experience really inspired my keep it real theme for this month’s summary. She is an amazing role model – check out the reality Julie is dealing with on her blog.

Another blogger who always gives me a reality check is Jade. She has been blogging for many years discussing her life. Would very much recommend looking through her archives.

I have recently read a few interesting posts that provide excellent advice for new bloggers. Kayla’s 9 things and Floss’s community post are great starting points providing real information for a newbie blogger. Also, Isabelle’s article about the importance of not comparing your blog is another great piece of advice, and indeed not just if you are starting out.

Penetration has been a bit of an issue for me over the years so I found Emmeline’s post about the topic very interesting.

If you are into kink do you sometimes feel a little on the lonely side if monogamy is your thing? It’s my thing and Sweet girls.

Elle has written two thought-provoking posts you should check out about using sex as a weapon and where a low libido may come into the equation.

Finally on the writing front – I read this post earlier this month and it melted my heart. Thanks, Mal, for writing it.


Two images this October knocked me sideways for their sheer beauty.

Modesty has allowed me to share this one on my blog – I am honoured. It is such an amazing photo.

I Am

I was late catching on to Jayne’s image as I did not participate in Sinful Sunday the week this appeared. It is a peach…

That’s all this month – will carry on checking your blogs and making notes as I go through November.


9 thoughts on “October ~ My Blogging Summary & SoSS”

  1. Great ‘finger on the pulse’ round up May and a very valid theme. Keeping it real is important, especially on Kinky themes as we want to promote safe and realistic concepts of how to live a life of kinky fuckery.

    Love your writing May and the Smut Marathon goes to show lots of others do to. Keep it up, you know I will keep following and appreciating. xx

  2. Wooo that picture is hot- can see why its your favourite 🙂 and thanks so much for linking to my posts. Discovered some fab new blogs too!

  3. A gorgeous round up May. It has been a great pleasure doing Absolution together. Like you I loved the photo of Modesty. It is a corker! CPxx

  4. That photo of you sitting at your garden table in your hat and nets is one of my fav Sinful Sundays of ALL TIME.
    Just stunning . . . and of course I had to follow the link to your B&W version . . . and then enjoyed your updated “About Me” page as well.
    BUT it is your writing . . . both there on your “about me and your man”, and also in your posts as well . . . that inspires and motivates and informs.
    So lovely to have discovered, and keep visiting . . . and so, Sex Really Does Matter !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Thanks so much, Modesty – means a lot that you appreciate my writing – that’s why I started really – and ever since i started blogging u have been an inspiration to me x

  5. I always enjoy your reviews, May. Congrats on placing so well in the Smut Marathon. I was happy to see that one of the ones I voted for was your story. I thought it was the best one this round too. Good luck in the marathon. E

    1. Chuffed you like my SM story – I really got into that one – will do more writing with that character I think …

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