Organise me ~ A Fleeting Flash

Organise me ~ A Fleeting Flash

My secretary shuts the door, leaving the office. What can I say. If they flaunt their taut, shapely arse my way one more time I will not be responsible for my actions.

Teased. With each wriggle of those hips. I suppose it was my fault for choosing them. I could have picked the woman with the baggy trousers and off white blouse. But surely if she couldn’t get her own clothes ironed out how the hell would she have been able to organise me?

Just as I button up my jacket and smooth down the cuffs my secretary comes in again, closes the door and brings over papers for me to sign.

I initial each one and give them back. Everyone else has gone home. It is now or never. Our hands touch. Eyes meet. Damn, they’re hot. Sparks ignite as I grab their wrist.

“Bend over Miss Jenkins.”

Thank goodness. I thought he’d never ask. I hit my desk face down as he pulls up the skirt of my suit, yanks down my panties and releases his cock.

“Yes.” I scream as without foreplay he clasps the desk and rams into my cunt. His hips meeting my arse with a thwack on each thrust.

Foresight. That’s why I choose Tom as my secretary.  I knew he’d be equipped to organise me the moment I laid eyes on him. A young buck ready to fuck!

Flash Fiction 235 words inspired by the prompt Flaunt


Flaunt #398
Flaunt #398


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13 thoughts on “Organise me ~ A Fleeting Flash

  1. I think I’d enjoy being your secretary or personal assistant. I’m not normally very servile, but the office perks seem worth it!

  2. Whenever I see you publish new work, it’s like Christmas morning for me. On one hand I want to run downstairs and tear open the package and see what the present is. On the other, I want to relish the moment and slowly take a step at a time, undo the bows and neatly fold away the wrapping paper before I peek inside the box.

    I like to savour every single word you write and it takes incredible self-restraint not to let my eyes run away down the page and gobble up the story.

    Stories like this are what in my mind epitomise your writing style. A big twist that makes it so different from the run of the mill; a brief but detailed description of the surroundings that sets the scene; hungry, breathless and erotic writing that encompasses passion and crudity at the same time.

    Excellent work as always May, a great read again!

    1. What a wonderful comment Cal. When I read things like this it reinforces all the reasons why I write. I am so happy you “get” my style – even in a quick flash like this 😉

  3. You had me there May – I definitely fell into the trap of assuming the secretary was female & the manager male!
    Great punchy writing with a twist of sexy – as always.

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