My wife, her Secretary & the G-Spa Massager

My wife, her Secretary & the G-Spa Massager

I wonder if all women have a favourite sex toy? It has to be said that my wife – Fee – has quite a few of them. The collection has grown over the years. We are both the wrong side of fifty now and in my mind often she seems far more interested in a vibrator than my cock and balls! Though on occasions things can work out rather well if we add one of the gadgets to a sex session. I love to please her and I don’t mind whether it is me or a buzzing phallus-shaped object that sends her into raptures. I just want to be part of the action. To hear her moan as her body trembles with pleasure.

I’m very observant where my wife is concerned. I make it my business to know what she likes and I couldn’t help but notice she does seem to favour one toy over all the others. It’s a funky little number called a G-Spa Massager. The G is for g spot, as one end of the toy vibrates and apparently when she slips the silky tail inside her cunt it nestles right up against that sensitive area and sparks an intense orgasm. As if that wasn’t enough the other end sucks… Yeah, you heard me. Sometimes I think that men will just cease to be seen as sexual beings. Instead pretty coloured, squishy vibrating toys will completely take their place when a woman craves sexual satisfaction.

One day I was checking her panty-drawer to see if I could guess which knickers she had chosen for herself that morning when I noticed the G-Spa Massager was missing. Another reason I’m jealous of that particular toy, it gets to be up close and personal with her lingerie on a daily basis. She sometimes takes it in the shower but on further inspection it was clear the pleasure-giver was not in the bathroom. Could Fee have taken it to the office? And if so why?

My mind was a whirl of speculation. I work from home. However, my wife is a director of a thriving design business in town.

By the afternoon I’d searched the whole house and was just about to have some lunch when the phone rang. It was Fee. She had to stay late, again. Apparently her newish secretary, Pippa, had taken longer than expected to tie up the files for the Jenson commission and so the final tweaks would need to be actioned before she returned for the day.

I could hear the sultry voice of Fee’s secretary in the background talking to one of the juniors. I should mention at this point in the tale, my wife is hot – very fit and desirable. She has a cracking figure that she has taken time to look after as the years passed. Her tits still bounce as high as they used to when she was thirty. And her arse is as peachy as, well – a firm, succulent peach. I’d seen her secretary on zoom and the chick was almost as gorgeous as Fee. I estimated she was about forty with masses of wavy dark hair and full, kissable lips.

I told Fee I would have dinner ready for when she got home and said goodbye. Any idea of having a late lunch disappeared as all I could visualise was Fee and Pippa in the conference room along with the G-Spa…

My wife was laid naked on the table with Pippa straddling her as she showered Fee’s body with butterfly kisses. The other woman’s boobs swaying as her full lips nibbled and sucked a trail from Fee’s nipples down to her shiny naked slit. That’s when the younger woman really put her pouty mouth to good use. A slim tongue darted out and teased Fee’s bud before Pippa went in for the kill and took my wife’s clitoris between her lips and made Fee beg for release.

g-spa Massager

No sooner had my wife ground her plump mound against Pippa’s face and screamed out in exhilaration than the tables were reversed. Now Pippa was on her back, legs open, spread wide so Fee had full view of her secretary’s cunt. She retrieved the G-Spa Massager, switched it on, then angled the tip into Pippa’s hole, pushing slightly to apply pressure. Just at the moment when Pippa was about to spasm and ride in on a wave of sex toy pleasure, Fee whipped the tail out and turned the toy around. That meant the G-Spa was suckling at Pippa’s pearl and the woman began to buck her hips forward and up. At this point it was clear that if I didn’t take my cock into hand pretty quick my balls were going to turn blue.

I immediately jumped in the shower and with the image of my wife and Pippa enjoying their sexy fun engraved on my mind the jet from my cock mingled with the warm water as both sprayed the surround.

By now I was convinced Fee was having an affair with her secretary. I dressed in double quick time, jumped in the car and arrived at my wife’s office a little after 6.30pm. I would catch her at it. Tell her, it was fine. I understood that sometimes a girl’s just got to have…well, a girl.

Without knocking I entered Fee’s office. Eye’s wide. Wondering if I’d catch Pippa with her trousers down so to speak.

“Hi darling. What a nice surprise.” My wife -conspicuously alone- jumped up to greet me.

“Eh. By yourself?” I asked, tentatively.

“Yes. Pippa left about an hour ago. I just need to give the file a final once-over. Why don’t you go and book us a table at Giuseppi’s. I’ll walk round to meet you in half an hour.”

“Sounds good.” I replied trying not to let any disappointment in my voice show. I was really psyched up to witness some girl on girl action.

As I went to leave Fee called out, “Hang on darling. Put this in the car in case I forget.” She handed me a package. I looked at her questionably.

“Oh, the dog got hold of my G-Spa Massager last week. Mauled it to hell and back, so I threw it out with the trash. But, I ordered a new one, forgetting my account address was the office.” She giggled, “Good job Osuga are discreet with their packaging or Pippa would know all about my favourite toy.”

I took the parcel from her hand looking a little crestfallen. My wife noticed and added, “If you order me the Italian DOC red wine I like at the restaurant, I might just let you take both me and the toy in hand tonight.”

She kissed me lightly on the lips.

I left smiling from ear to ear. I do love a harmonious ending…

This short story ~ My wife, her secretary & the G-Spa Massager – was written by me and sponsored by Osuga who manufacture the G-Spa Massager and a few other sex toys.

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g-spa massager
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9 thoughts on “My wife, her Secretary & the G-Spa Massager

  1. This jealousy made her husband go in search of the lost G-SPA Massager.
    But still, how sweet that a lost electrical friend can be replaced so quickly with a new one.

  2. Great story. But what a rich fantasy this husband has. He came up with a sexual story, got aroused himself and even ran to the shower to jerk off there. And the denouement turned out to be so understandable and romantic. In fact, OSUGA was very lucky that it was you who undertook to advertise their goods, because you did it so easily and gracefully.

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