Outside In – Inside out

When I put my jumper on the wrong side round my Man always says it is outside in.

I was of the impression that the term was inside out. But who knows really.

February Photo Fest Day 21 – Outside In

Any way the image above reminds me of that phrase. As are we outside or inside or both?

A compilation of two photos that were taken outdoors. The summer house features my legs shown in the header shot.

The original summer house shot is below.

Original summer house

Mention for PhotoFest image ~ a throwback Thursday image which is sexy, peachy and colourful.




11 thoughts on “Outside In – Inside out”

  1. I like how you play with these kind of questions sometimes in your images, the, is this being taken off, or put on, is this in or outside. This is a lovely edit

  2. Looks like a sweet summer house! Also love the fishnets in the grass header image. It’s been fun watching the Feb PhotoFest images. ??

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