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Dare to go outside for sexy fun ~ Real life erotica

Dare to go Outside and have some sexy fun in the open air? This can be exciting and daring but may be viewed as taboo by some people. Particularly, in recent strange times. However, such a shared experience can prove to be liberating and fun too. Although, it is very important to choose carefully where you lay your rug – so as not to inflict your desires on others.

My man and I love to go outside and have all kinds of fun whenever we can. Outside bondage or simply outdoor sexy fun.

Sexy Fun ~ Outside bondage in the Sun

As a blogger I often post raunchy images. Many taken outside before or after some sexy fun with my man. Outdoor sex can be exhilarating and we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy alfresco play for many years.

At one with nature

Of course, people have been cavorting in the open air since the dawn of time. But the towns and cities grew ever-larger and as a knock-on effect the open spaces became more crowded. So nowadays it can be difficult to find a suitably quiet venue. A place where you won’t accidentally inflict your act of passion on an innocent passer by. Although voyeurism is something of a thrill for some kinksters, others may not wish to be subjected to such frolics.

My man and I love the fresh air and highly wooded, oxygenated areas. We’re fortunate to work in the countryside and are able to take advantage of the glorious surroundings when the weather is warm enough .

Open fields ~ Oral Sex ~ Real Life Erotica

Let me tell you about the first time we took our love outside…

Back in July 2014 the UK was bathed in some very temperate weather. I was visiting my man in an unfamiliar area. One lunchtime we set off with some food and picnicked beside the river. The sun rays were bouncing off the water as we chatted and ate. In those days I used to talk about sex a lot. Trying to make sense of what I liked and why. The heat from both the sunshine and conversation must have had an effect on him. After finishing the food he took my hand and marched me off to find a comfortable spot.

We lay down under a large old tree, in a very open field, just outside the grounds of a massive hotel and finished our wine. Soon we were were kissing and his hand slipped under my dress teasing my thighs. Feeling a little self-conscious, I sat up and said,

We’re very exposed here. What if someone from the hotel or out walking their dog sees us?”

“Take a look around May. We have an incredible viewpoint. We’ll spot them before they do us.”

Dare to Bare all

I surveyed the surround. Indeed, the very fact that we were laying in a particularly open area meant it was extremely unlikely we could be surprised at close range. No one was going to “stumble across” us and our position promised fair warning of any strollers.

As my man and I lay back on the grass I enthusiastically let him explore my cunt; the idea of a stranger watching titivating my senses.

In no time his fingers reached inside my panties stoking and probing. In those early days when we were together it seemed my body was on hyper alert. Senses were heightened and I sometimes found it difficult to climax. However, he’d discovered one sure way to push me over the edge. His tongue.

Knickers cast aside he lifted my skirt and his head found its way between the warmth of my thighs. The breeze grazing the sensitive areas. Having my bare legs and pussy exposed in this way felt dirty as well as free and liberating. Anyone could have seen me. Seen us.

He began to lick my bud and along the fold, then slipped his tongue deep in side. It really didn’t take too long before I was thrusting my hips up against his face and pushing my head back onto the grass as I exclaimed my pleasure.

Dare to go Outside

Shared experiences

The experience certainly has stayed with us and at the time helped cement our relationship. Now, quite a few years later, participating in similar outdoor fun always livens up the dynamics and brings us emotionally closer. After all a good partnership thrives on shared activity. And the more spontaneous, the more likely it will lay down a memory that you will both cherish.

However, as mentioned above, be considerate of others. Pick your location wisely then it is unlikely anyone will become privy to your private yet public display.

Keeping your passion private

Many years ago I did witness a couple having sex in a public place. Remembering that incident caused my hesitation when under the tree with my man.

As a young woman I travelled quite a bit. On one occasion in northern Spain my partner and I were visiting a famous festival. Looking back my memories of that time are really marred. The actual celebration was abhorrent enough, but then the sight of a couple having full intercourse in the open on the town green made me run away screaming. They showed no hint of respect for the people walking by. I had become a part of a spectacle in which I would never have chosen to participate. I was left feeling slightly violated and grubby.

With all this in mind I still absolutely recommend you go outside in the sunshine and enjoy each other in the open air. But with one important proviso: pick your spot carefully, be mindful and try not to be caught with your pants down!

15 thoughts on “Dare to go outside for sexy fun ~ Real life erotica”

  1. Here in the Netherlands it’s near impossible to find a private spot. There’s always someone walking their dog, it seems :p

    Your experience of being licked while lying in the grass does sounds very enticing 🙂

  2. Oh wow. What a hot first encounter of outdoor sexy play. It is great that the memory still means so much to you both and is something your revisit. ❤️

  3. Excellent post!! And so very true. I have missed this latest prompt by Mrs Fever. Likely because I’m days behind in my reading…
    I shall definitely have to take part!

  4. Definitely — I’m totally with you on the fun of outdoor sex and also with respecting others’ rights to NOT stumble upon you in the midst of your fun.

  5. I loved this May a delicious interlude – but I totally agree about being discreet, people should not have to see intimacy they did not intend to

  6. I so agree, what we do outside shouldn’t be imposed on others. Like what happened to you in Spain, I would feel violated when stumbling across people having sex outside.
    ~ Marie xox

  7. Great post May, and good message too, other people haven’t consented in seeing what you’re up to. That said there is a thrill from being outside.

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