Pancakes and Story Time on TMI Tuesday 07/11/2017

Pancakes and Story Time on TMI Tuesday 07/11/2017

Pancakes for lunch

Albert Einstein is a hero of mine. He discovered the theory of relativity. How cool is that? I was sitting on the sofa reading a book about his sex life when there was a knock on the door. The rain was lashing down. This gorgeous guy was standing there, tool box in hand.

“Is this number 8 New Road?”

“Yes,” I replied.

I’ve come to mend your washing machine.”

He was really hot. Dragging the machine out from under the kitchen top his muscles rippled.


Preparing pancakes I added a little olive oil to the bowl and used the eggbeater to smooth out the mixture. He looked up and said,

“I can see you have a great wrist action.”

Looking him straight in the eye, I said,

“Come upstairs if you want to see how good.”

Without deliberation he chased me up into the bedroom and ripped my blouse and bra off. My fulsome breasts tumbled out and he immediately began to suck the nipples, pushing me up against the closet.

Within seconds we were on the floor,  as his cock began to pound my cunt. The urgency was so titillating that within minutes we had both orgasmed.

After, we dressed. and went downstairs. I made pancakes, and he finished his work.

“I will be off now, If you need anything else serviced please call.”

He walked out into the rain grinning.

I shut the door, as his jizz began to trickle down my leg!

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Task was to write a short story – no more than 250 words – including the words in bold

15 thoughts on “Pancakes and Story Time on TMI Tuesday 07/11/2017

      1. you should do – this week was a particularly good one – U can check out my other TMI’s under the MeMe tab. Though I do have to say there are weeks where it just does not appear…

    1. Me too that’s why I could not resist it – used to watch old porn movies with similar storylines when i was young 😉

  1. Excellent story! Really enjoyed reading it and admire your creativity in creating it. Just so you know…
    I’m now craving pancakes and cock now lol

  2. that ending line is a clincher. reminds me of a certain Judge Judy aphorism.

    Einstein, Freddie Mercury at the laundromat, and pancakes? and syrup? sign me up for that orgy. I miss ‘80s laundromat culture.

    that was fun. hopefully TMIT Storytime becomes a regular thing

  3. Thank you CP – u should try TMI sometimes – I used to participate a lot but got out the habit. This week it spoke to me – and so did SweetNdirty – telling me about it 😉

  4. No spanner in the works in this story about a very handy handyman. By the time you got to fulsome breasts I’d lost it. In fact I was on a full spin.
    Well done May, you really know how to write a racy story to excite the senses! xx

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