Passionate about Fiction? Read on…

Passionate about Fiction? Read on…

I will state now this post is all about promotion. But not solely my own. This post promotes projects I am involved with that have fiction at their heart, because I am passionate about fiction.

Two Fiction Projects

Alongside a few wonderful bloggers I have founded a couple of community projects under my pen name of May More. (Great now I’ve mentioned pen name I can add this post to the latest 4thoughts prompt link for even more promotion!)

I want to tell you about these projects because they are of benefit to fiction writers, and to those of you who enjoy reading stories too.

In this post I explain how you can join in with two fiction writing projects   the: Fiction Marathon and Tantalizing Tales.

One ~ Tantalizing Tales

I decided on the spur of the moment that creating a Medium fiction publication – Tantalizing Tales – would be a really fun and productive thing to do. I already write for My Erotica and could see how it really drew writers together. Immediately I spoke to Posy Churchgate about coming in on the project with me. I knew we would make a great team as we can both write an intriguing, erotic or curious tale and have complimentary skills that would help with the running of a magazine. Posy is an excellent editor and I have a bit of site design and technical knowledge on my side.

We knew it would be wise to have a couple of creative bloggers on board right from the start. Kind of like in-house writers along side Posy and me, as well as helping us support and promote the publication. It was an easy choice. Liz Black and Mrs K both write great fiction and have very different styles, not to mention, like Posy and me, they support the writing community.  They run their own memes – Erotic Fiction Deluxe and MmmMondays – where you can link your stories for better coverage. Be sure to check them out.

Tantalizing Tales went live about seven weeks ago but already it has a library of fabulous fiction from numerous different established writers who have submitted their work. Many thanks to all of them for coming onboard.

Will you join us or support the magazine by following?

If you write fiction and would like to join our publication then check out how to get in contact here. And if you are a writer or a reader please follow the publication by clicking on the red follow button ON THIS PAGE.

Until I made my own Medium account I had been confused with the whole concept. So I wrote this post which covers easy steps on how to

  • set up a Medium area
  • read other writers work
  • and/or submit your stories to a publication such as Tantalizing Tales.

There is a limit on how many posts you can read per month (without paying a small fee) but following links from Twitter or a link up meme that encourages fiction, such as Wicked Wednesday, usually lets you view and support your fellow writers by clapping for their work.

Posy and I would love you to get involved in any way you can…

Two ~ The Blogable Club & Fiction Marathon

Out of a wish for blogging and writing information to be freely available, Marie, Missy and I joined together to create the Blogable Club. The site gives tips and advice regarding all aspects of writing and blogging. We have written many posts ourselves but also had some fab guest writers. As I mention above Blogable is a free platform but you need to signup to be part of the community. It is very easy to do and then all the amazing content can be viewed.

Follow Blogable in the wordpress reader

Follow Blogable on

What areas does Blogable cover?

You can find information on improving your writing skills, all aspects of running a meme, SEO, security for your site, how to use themes and plugins, plus so many other topics – all in one place…

Writing Competition ~ Fiction Marathon

For quite a few years Marie hosted and organised an erotic fiction competition for writers called the Smut Marathon. Many extraordinary writers in the community have trod the Marathon path.

Marie has decided that this year the Marathon will cover all genres of fiction and will be hosted on Blogable.

This is a fabulous, free opportunity for all writers, whatever their level or experience, to challenge themselves over a six month period and six different rounds. Read all about it here.

I entered this myself in 2018 as a new writer of fiction. It inspired me to do so many things with my writing and really disciplined me to nail every sentence to the wall! I’m dyslexic and it made me realise that if you create an original story and strong characters then people will want to read. I learned to write as me, and not to worry about what others in the competition were doing.  I reached the final and am very proud of that fact.

There are reasons why the competition is called a marathon. It is a journey. Those that reach the end find themselves there for many reasons including the quality of their writing.

This is a great way for writers to explore their skill and also get to know others within their community.

We want You If you are passionate about fiction?

  • If you can learn from feedback we want you.
  • If you are searching for a creative challenge, we want you.
  • Even if you have been writing for many years and looking for fresh inspiration, we want you.
  • Perhaps you are new to the writing community and would benefit from writing to prompt, then we want you too.
  • Anybody who has a passion for words and possesses stamina to last the journey, will gain and grow from this competition.

Check out the rules here. And if you want to enter then hurry and click HERE.

Join Us

Writing fiction excites and ignites my soul. As well as following and reading the work in these two projects you can support our efforts by joining in, submit a story to Tantalising Tales or signup to the marathon.

Are you passionate about fiction? – We have put our time and hearts into creating these projects and we want nothing more than for you guys to be part of them…

Passionate about Fiction
Passionate about Fiction

15 thoughts on “Passionate about Fiction? Read on…

  1. This is such a great idea May and although I too have been confused about medium, when it pops into my email there always seem to be a lot of posts which catch my eye. I must give it a go and I wish you all the best with TTales. It has been great working with you and Marie on Blogable and I have leant a lot from you both. Missy x

  2. Yay for building a strong writing community! Glad to be a part of it in my small way. I finally got around to starting a Medium account yesterday, which I will only be using for erotic fiction.

    1. Fab Brigit! – I saw and followed u today – if u want to join in with Ttales just shout and I will add u as a writer. Would feel honoured to have your work on the publication x

        1. Fabulous – we like erotica or suspense or both. once u have a story in mind dm me and i will add u as a writer. My post on blogable about medium tells u how to add your story once u have been added as a writer x

  3. I probably wouldn’t take on such a big project as Tantalizing Tales with anyone else May! But your enthusiasm and your commitment matches mine and we pull together, playing to our strengths.
    I hope this post inspires writers to join us – we need new & existing readers to follow us & visit the site even more!

  4. Brilliant post, May, and I already promoted it on Twitter, because people should see this. I am so happy to be part of Blogable, for the marathon to find a new home, and also to add some of my stories to Tantalizing Tales, which I think is a brilliant initiative! Thank you for being so passionate about fiction and sharing 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thanks Marie – so glad u decided that the Marathon would continue on Blogable – it is an awesome project – and easy to get passionate about when u have put so much thought into it xx

  5. I love these initiatives for writing fiction together and following the memes you encounter many different styles of writing. They’re perfect for writers and for readers!

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