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The Penis & Me ~ Past and Present

The header photo is delightfully sexy. It brought to mind 70’s type porn, which I used to watch with my friends in the late 80’s. 

Indeed, Elliott’s image has compelled me to write a little post about the penis and me.

Past Penises and Me

To be honest I have not always been a fan of them. As a young woman, a cock seemed quite unattractive to look at and well, explosive!

The organ made me feel a little uncomfortable. When slow dancing it invaded your personal space as it pressed up against you.

From the very first date, it would try to free itself from its confines, appearing as a force to be reckoned with. Some men even referred to their dick in the third person.

My first boyfriend had a name for his, which seemed to influence his judgement in so many ways. If we were not in the position to have sex before going out to socialise he would need a wank, otherwise, his cock would dominate the evening either in conversation or by him constantly fondling me.

Obsessed with His Penis

So it appeared quite strange when getting together with my man, I suddenly became almost obsessed with his cock. Needing to touch it often and very much enjoying any involvement it had during the daytime routine. At night curling up next to him, my hand placed on his thigh, just lightly touching the warm flesh of his penis.

Possibly the way he relates to his dick has a lot to do with the way I relate to it. His penis is very much a part of him – not humanised or objectified. His love of sex and his un-threatening manner means over the years he’s been successful with women. The general attitude he has to sex is so refreshing – seen as something to embrace and enjoy. For him, and so for us, it is not entangled with the past – it’s very much a joyous act in the here and now.

He doesn’t wear underwear so its easy for me to undo a button on his fly and to stroke the silky shaft inside his trousers.

I do think it was fate that my man and I got together a second time. Being with him helped free my mind of old-time sex-guilt. In the past, I had felt somewhat ashamed of the things I hankered after in a sexual context. Communication has been key within our relationship and has enabled us to explore bondage and other sex-related activities that turn us on.

One simple pleasure we both enjoy is outdoor fun – have a read of this true account …


Woodland Fun ~ Real Life Frolics

Near the start of our partnership, we were out in the woods when he stopped to examine a branch a little way off the ground.

“Hey, darl – come and stand over here a minute.”

Looking at me and then back at the branch he declared it was perfect and sat on it, shifting his arse to get comfortable. This was such a beautiful spot – bluebells were heavily scattered on the ground and the trees were growing their new buds and leaves.

“Take your shirt and bra off.”

Watching as he released his penis into the tree-speckled sunlight, I unbuttoned my shirt. Neither of us concerned that we were outside. Moving forward to touch I realised it was placed at the perfect height for me to bend my head and pop it into my mouth.

Initially, it was still slightly flaccid. I swayed my heavy, yielding breasts over the balls whilst tapering my tongue to lick the end of his knob. Within moments it was standing up to attention. This type of power is something I enjoy. Knowing that my actions can change its shape is quite an ego trip.

Grabbing my tits he squeezed and rubbed the nipples.

“Proper tits,” he murmured.


Taking Control of His Penis

Taking his fully erect penis to the back of my throat, whilst putting pressure on the shaft with my lips, made my eyes water slightly. The birds were singing and a light breeze blew across my back. It felt glorious to be giving him such pleasure in a natural environment. Plus the extra thrill that someone may actually accidentally see us.

Holding my hair he angled my face so that my mouth was positioned against the end of his cock and rubbed it on my lips. All the while looking intently at the scene before him. Watching really enhances an experience like this. Taking control I pulled his skin further back, moistening the swollen flesh with my tongue and paying attention to the small piece of skin attached to his foreskin. Adding friction I went in for the kill. Slowly jerking the skin and applying pressure to the head.

His cock exploded – shooting its load over my mouth and cheeks. Reaching forward he polished my face with the cum, loudly expressing his pleasure.


This post was first published in 2018 has been updated and reworked for Kilted Wookie’s Penis Project below

28 thoughts on “The Penis & Me ~ Past and Present”

  1. As you are no doubt aware, my Queen thought I needed a name for my penis. She named it Angus. But until this FLR, I had never named it. Still it’s cool in some ways because we might be in a group of people and she might mention Angus—it has special meaning for the two of us but everyone else is on the dark. My sister asked me once who was Angus and while my Queen looked on, I told her he was a good friend of ours.

  2. I am really pleased that you updated this post as there is a lot in here that I can relate to in terms of the relationship and sort of obsession with cock. It has definitely changed for me too. ?

  3. I’m so glad you were able to find someone who helped you see the beauty inherent in the male form. I have always been a fan, but that’s likely because no one I’ve ever dated named their penis or spoke of it in third-person. Haha! I suppose having to sit through hours of life drawing classes as an art student helped as well.

    I enjoyed reading of your past and current experiences…as well as your fun frolic through the woods.

  4. Delicious piece of writing May! I loved reading the woodland scene… And thanks for reminding me it’s CP’s birthday….
    Indie xx

  5. I felt every word of that!
    And there is no denying they are ‘proper tits’ May. The most beautiful blouse stretching tits that any warm blooded human would like to worship. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  6. Oh my third person dick referrals. I’ve been there. It’s… a little weird to hear.
    I was always fascinated by the penis, I suppose I still am 😉
    Frolicking in the forest… what fun, loved this.

  7. Wonderful post May. I love the way you write about sex with an honsty and an openess which shows us what it should be – the most natural thing in the world. By the way, I don’t think I ever gave my penis a name. CPxx

  8. “Proper tits,” he murmured.… Well, I can say for certain that I have never put it quite like that, but then we colonials are not so ‘proper’ I guess. When I see a photo like the one above, I do have a lot to say, as I have shown before, in fact, the header photo may have been one of those occasions. It’s an honor to grace the page of Sex Matters, especially with such arousing words below.

    Oh, btw, I have never named my penis, and as for third person… nah.

    xoxo ~e

  9. wow wish i had met a girl like you
    so hot hot hot and sexciting
    thank You for sharing Your experience
    very best wishes

    1. Thanks for your comment – I love to share my sexual experiences – have always talked about sex too much and now i write about it too much 😉

  10. The woodland experience was wonderfully told, such raw intense sex where I totally get your power. Proper tits – yes you have! I am envious but that is what my man says to me – I’m not sure the silicone enhanced ones are as sought after by men as some women imagine! The piece as a whole fits really well with this week’s prompt, well done.

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