The Perfect Collaboration

“A day trip together?” She looked at him quizzically, with unusual light green eyes.

“Yeah, a collaboration. I’ll supply the ride and you the company.”

Strangely, her long slender legs were not the first thing he noticed when she joined him at his table, the last chair remaining in the popular cafe.  It was that her toes, peeking through open-toed sandals, were slightly webbed.

He couldn’t remember who first mentioned the sea. She had never been.

“It’s my ambition to swim in the ocean,” she enthused, shaking back her long red hair.  “Even in my sleep I dream I am in the sea, swimming. It feels so real.”

Looking around to make sure they were not overheard she whispered,

“And I wake climaxing. I am in the sea and it becomes a wet-dream.”

He was shocked to be told such intimate information from someone he had just met, but they had connected immediately. Having been born in a small seaside-resort he offered to supply the transport she didn’t have.

She beamed, “OK, you’re on, a collaboration.” Smiling, her freckled nose crinkled.

The morning of their trip was warm and sunny. Three hours flew by as the young couple chatted about their lives, laughing at how much they had in common.

Nearing the town the smell of the ocean was heavy in the air and her excitement was clear to see. She became unsettled, sniffing at the salty atmosphere. Her lightweight skirt rode up as she writhed around in the seat. He could hardly keep his eyes on the road.

He stopped at a remote spot where the dunes met the beach.  Hungry from their journey they set up a picnic area out of the wind and ate.

She talked excitedly about going for a swim. Stripping down to his swimming shorts he showed off the taut rewards of his gym training.  Urging her to do the same.  She confessed to not having a costume.

“There’s nobody on this part of the beach. You’ll be fine in your bra and panties,” his penis  jerked at the thought.

Once again visibly sniffing the air her breathing quickened in appreciation of the aroma. Not content with any clothes she stripped naked, laying with her head back, one leg raised. Like an alabaster statue, he thought, noticing the paleness of her skin.

“I can’t wait any longer” she cried, running down to the shore – throwing herself into the sea, floating on the surf as the tide gently lashed the sand.

Hair splayed out behind her, ample breasts bobbing above the surface and her hand maniacally rubbing her clitoris, moaning in rapture.

Spellbound by the scene, he stood glued to the spot. Without warning a massive freak wave appeared, engulfing her slender frame as she fell into its arms.

Mesmerised he could hardly believe his eyes.  Before she vanished he watched as her legs transformed into a large fin.

“Like a Mermaid,” he explained to an incredulous lifeguard.

Collaboration #325


Collaboration Flash Fiction

 I have only written once in the third person on my blog. That was for the third round of the Smut Marathon – Fortunes Told – a 200 word short.  So go easy on me. I know I need to practise hence, this piece of flash fiction.

Memories of a friend of mine inspired me to write this tale. When our children were young I used to drive us to the beach. The kids would keep their eyes peeled for mermaids and my friend spent all her time in the sea – declaring it was her husband.

The Sea/Ocean


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16 thoughts on “The Perfect Collaboration”

  1. I think you did well with 3rd person. I tend to fall into that one naturally even when I’m trying to write in first person.

    Great story. I’d wondered if she’d turn into a selkie! Having forgotten the sea, but they can’t go back to land once they go to the sea again, right? I enjoyed the way you wrote this

  2. This was absolutely delightful and very sexy! Seems we both incorporated the sea–although in very different ways. I also thought she was a mermaid at the mention of webbed feet, but her never being at the sea threw me. Great ending! 😉

  3. And I love the background info too – it’s always fun to know what inspires works of fiction!
    Indie xx

  4. mmmmmm hot sexy and the turn of the sea
    keep on writing as You have me hard as a rock and if You were here i would ask if i could be stroking
    thank You

  5. Never fear, May, your 3rd person was just fine. And so was your story, a fun read… I think you have a future as a 3rd person writer. 🙂 (my penis would have been jerking at the thought of bra and panties too, nice touch)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Elliot, I know its something I need to do more of – but I am still learning with my fiction x

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