Personal Growth Matters meme ~ Catch Up

Personal Growth Matters meme ~ Catch Up

Week Four – Personal Growth Catch Up

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This is the start of the last week of Personal Growth Matters. A Month long meme which is part of a larger project – Life Matters.

But first I want to look back to the fabulous posts from last week, about the things that help our personal development. They all made me think but the one by Devie tackled so much that I have read it a few times. She talks about how you need a willingness to face your own weaknesses and…

All the yoga retreats in the world are not going to make you a better person, unless you are also willing to face the things about yourself that you feel uncomfortable with.

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There will also be a summary post featuring the work from this meme a few weeks after it finishes. Check out the one I did for Food Matters.

Catch up for Personal Growth Month

In previous weeks we have looked at our personal growth when our lives were restricted and assessed our strengths and weaknesses. Then the meme asked what things you do that work for your self development. Now we are on catch up week. If you have more you want to write for the topic or have written in the past then please link it up.

Also if you missed a previous prompt check them out here and catch up by linking below.

Personal growth is a very individual thing but something that most of us think about when we are at liberty to do so… And Liberty is the prompt over on 4thoughts. 😉


  • Post any musings – whatever – if it relates to the prompt.
  • Older posts are welcome and you can enter more than one if you want to.
  • If you do not have a blog I would be happy to host your post. Contact me here or on Twitter.
  • And remember if you link up please check out some of the other bloggers in the meme.

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