Personal Growth Matters meme ~ Strengths & Weaknesses

Personal Growth Matters meme ~ Strengths & Weaknesses

Week Two

This is the second week of Personal Growth Matters. A Month long meme which is part of a larger project – Life Matters.

But first let’s look at week one and lockdown growth. I was really pleased to see so many of you adding your experiences. They were fascinating to read. I myself found doing a lot of deep thinking during lockdown. The prompt asked if you had managed to explore your actions/reactions during this restrictive time. And what you had learned. Your answers were varied and thought provoking. Mrs Fever’s post was very refreshing in these days where people often attribute blame to something other than themselves.

So while I may have put on a few pounds during lockdown, it’s a weighty reminder to myself:

You – and only YOU – are responsible for your choices, and therefore accountable for their consequences.


Mrs Fever

At the end of the month I will return to many of the linked posts when I publish a summary resource article for the month’s work.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This week is all about strengths and weaknesses. It is important that we attempt to critically evaluate what these are. How can we grow if we have not accepted our weaknesses or called upon our strengths to help us through hard times? Please write anything about this topic that you think is useful to you or others. Here are a few thoughts to start you off.

  • Are you aware of what you do well and also the things that may be holding you back from further personal growth?
  • Would you be brave enough to ask others what they view as your weaknesses? Or do you not cope well with criticism.


  • Post any musings – sexy/reflective whatever – if it relates to the prompt.
  • Older posts are welcome and you can enter more than one if you want to.
  • If you do not have a blog I would be happy to host your post. Contact me here or on Twitter.
  • And remember if you link up please check out some of the other bloggers in the meme.
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