Photo Slideshow February 2020

Photo Slideshow February 2020

Here is my Photofest slideshow for February 2020. Plus a few more I posted during February.

The photos are not in any particular order but were all taken outdoors.

I do have a few curves going on! So have linked this post to the Wicked Wednesday prompt of – Curves…

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You can find my other galleries here.


18 thoughts on “Photo Slideshow February 2020

  1. It is a great idea to do a slideshow and the overall impression is incredible. You have so many stunning photos and seeing them made me want to rush outside. I don’t do photofest and so don’t always check the images so it was nice to see yours all together as there we’re definitely some stunners that I has missed.

          1. Oh, Tisch? I used to teach their students for the BBC Academy until the BBC got all uppity and cancelled the contract.

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