Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five

Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five

As I have been in with SoSS from the start and participated every week, I have consistently supported my favourite blogs, articles or photos. I also have re-iterated why sharing is so important – with censorship being thrown at us from all angles – and written how to get the most from Twitter by unchecking certain filters.

Despite everything, we are certainly still a thriving sex blogging community.

You can check out all my links and favourite bloggers, plus the important shit about SoSS, from my posts published over the last few months via this link – SHARING

It does seem silly to repeat myself. So rather than promoting five blogs, I am going to share five photographic portraits of sex bloggers I have seen during the last year, that intrigued me. Sex bloggers are so often anonymous. These are all fantastic images so please click on the links and see for yourself.

Portrait #5

Tabitha Rayne and her post Sharing for the Win. I am not sure how she achieved this image but its amazing. The post also has lots of links to other great bloggers.

Portrait #4

Malflic and his post  Fading Away. This is an over exposed photo posted for Sinful Sunday. Mal does not often show his face so this is an interesting image.

copyright malflic

Portrait #3

Michael Samadhi and his post Michael’s Portraiture. In this Sinful Sunday post he reveals the original photo and an edited version. This was quite unusual for Michael as he is happier capturing images of an erotic scene. The whole set up of this image is very creative.

Portrait #2

As far as Catherine Martinique is concerned I find it difficult to just pick one of her self portraits so luckily I found this wonderful post, You Make Me Smile. The initial photo is a peach but there are also several other images here too.  Some of them quite strange but I like them all!

Portrait #1

I do not think a week goes by without Molly Moore putting out a great image. But Mirror Image is my absolute favourite. It is hotter than hot and a great true tale accompanies it.

Week #291


10 thoughts on “Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five

  1. Some fabulous bloggers and excellent photos. That photo of Molly really got to me at the time and it was great to see it again!
    Indie x

    1. Thanks Indie – I was the same with mollys photo – just stayed in my mind – Elliott wrote an entire post about it 😉

  2. What a great idea for a round-up and thank you so very much for including me. The funny thing was that when I took that image I was fairly ambivalent about it but it turned out to be one of my most popular images this year


  3. A great idea to focus on images for this post. There are some very talented people in this community and my favorite definitely is Molly!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks Marie – wanted to do something different as I post soss each week- and here I particularly wanted to show the images where we see the bloggers face

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