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Power Flower Satisfyer ~ Blooming Hot Guest Review

Satisfyer recently sent me some very attractive vibrators to review and share.

Over the last few months I have admired Purple Sole and little gem’s work and asked if they would like to select one of the toys to review.

They jumped at the chance.

Formal reviews are not really in keeping with the style of this blog. With that in mind get ready for a very hot and sexy post as Purple Sole and Little gem  share the fun they had with the Power Flower from Satisfyer.

Purplesgem’s Review

PurpleSole and I were both very excited to be asked by May More to review a new toy. It’s an offer we just couldn’t refuse. We love writing, exploring new things and most importantly we love sex toys. Obviously not all sex toys fall into the love or even like category.

Flower Power

May gave us a choice out of a few different Satisfyer Vibes and I must say the one that PurpleSole chose for us to review would not have been my first choice.

Copyright Purplesgem

The Power Flower looks appealing enough, it’s bright, colourful and well looks like a flower. Who doesn’t like flowers, right? The only reason it wouldn’t have been my first choice was because I imagined the ‘petal’ ends would just feel a bit proddy against my delicate areas. Well as the saying goes, ‘you shouldn’t judge the vibrator by it’s petals’.

For Her Pleasure

I decided to add the toy to one of our regular inspections. It’s unusual for me to do so as it doesn’t fit with the style of play. But this time I wanted to see how her body reacts. Commanded to lay on her back with her legs open I had full access to gem’s body. Made all the more humiliating with a speculum opening her up.

The toy fluttered over her skin, taking my time to allow it flow over her body. Using it a bit like a massager. I then focus on her breasts, rubbing lube onto her nipples first. The tips slide over as they provide gentle vibrations. Gem can’t speak, but I can sense her pleasure in the way her eyes roll back and her breathing becomes heavy.

Usually I am quite sensitive about my nipples and squirm at them being played with too much. The vibrations of the Power Flower didn’t feel as tickly as I was expecting, the petals spread out the vibrations and sort of engulfed my nipple. This was more enjoyable when my nipple was centered inside and the petals spread out around my areola. It gave a more deeper vibration which worked better with my body.

Switching down towards her clit she lets out a small gasp. The petals splay out around her and with a press of a button the vibration and pleasure increases. Happy with how she has responded I stop, I can tell that gem doesn’t want me to, but that’s not up to her.

I really enjoyed the feeling of when PS pressed the the Power Flower onto my clit. I like that my clit fits nicely inside the center of the toy so giving it an all over vibration.

Copyright Purlplesgem

For His Pleasure

When reading the instruction leaflet that came with The Power Flower, I was intrigued by the picture detailing that it could be used on a penis. I was probably a little bit more keen to try this out than PS. As a rule PS doesn’t really like vibrating things on his penis. With a little bit of persuasion he was very ready to give it a go.

I started off by clicking the setting down to the lowest vibration

Gem held the toy against my shaft, just like the example on the instructions. As with most vibrating toys I didn’t really feel any increase in pleasure. I asked to have a go myself, gem watched eagerly as she doesn’t often see this.

There is a big difference when using lube, water based of course. Although I would recommend lubricating myself over the toy as the petals will flick lube everywhere – think blender without a lid.

I wasn’t expecting too much, trying to position it various ways to see how it feels. I slide the petals over the head of my cock.

Oh, that’s not bad

Sliding it around the head and just underneath gave a nice feeling, I click the vibrations up. Enjoying the sensations the petals gave, it’s not enough for me orgasm alone. This is when I ask gem to “give me a hand”. The combination of both works well for me, the vibration creating a good constant for edging. Gem increases her stroking, taking me over the edge, my orgasm is strong and the vibrations make it last a good amount of time.

Let’s Get Wet

We had the hot tub out and warmed up already as the weather has been so nice recently. While floating gently in the water together PS suggested that I test out the Power Flower, it is waterproof after all. I lay in his arms and grab the vibrator that was conveniently placed on the side. I really like the feel of the toy in my hand. It is nicely shaped and soft silicone to touch. The loop built into the handle means it is really easy to keep hold of and makes the control panel straight forward to touch. The buttons are also raised slightly within the panel and where you would expect to find them with your fingers, very useful when playing with it yourself.

I click the Power Flower to the lowest vibration, when you turn it on initially it starts in its third setting which for me would be too high to start off with. Then I gently rub it over my clit, teasing myself with it. The whole length of the toy vibrates, not just the tip. So it was nice to use it on it’s side and stroke it underneath me, using it this way meant it was vibrating against my clit and vagina at the same time. A sensation I very much enjoy.

I click the toy up a setting and play around a bit more. Positioning one of the ‘petals’ over my clit I found I could then maneuver the Power Flower so the remaining ‘petals’ were spread and over my vagina opening. Rocking it gently back and forth my orgasm was building. Another click of the button and the vibrations increased. It didn’t take long until I was begging to be allowed a release.

As the ‘petals’ were vibrating against my vagina as well I could also feel my body wanting an additional release. I knew that if I orgasmed I would squirt. Toying with the embarrassment of whether I would want to or not. PurpleSole realised and asked me to continue. Softly in my ear he counted me down, I felt like my body wouldn’t be able to wait, the need and desire so great. I came hard, my muscle clenching as the orgasm gripped me.

PurpleSole continued to hold the Power Flower against my body, urging me to continue. Once my body adjusted to the sensation he clicked the vibrations up. It didn’t take long until my body was tipping over the edge again. He continued to force orgasms out of me. Two additional stronger vibration settings to be used for his control.

Our Overall Thoughts

The Power Flower really impressed us. I went from assuming I wouldn’t like it at all to multiple squirting orgasms! With it’s 6 vibration intensities it is quite powerful as well. Although not as strong as a a big vibrator like a wand, for me this is not an issue as I find too higher vibration has a numbing effect on my body. There are also 6 different vibration rhythms that we did have a play around with but again for my body the constant vibration works better.

One feature I really liked in addition was the charger. It plugs in magnetically, which to start off with is really cool. But practicality wise the area that seems to kill most of our toys is the charging port, over time they seem to get bent, broken and just stop charging. As well as giving you extra confidence in it’s waterproof capabilities, it hopefully will fair better with wear and tear over time.

Overall it’s not just a pretty design, it is really functional (you can pretty much put it anywhere on or in your body) and the O it gives (for us both) was great. It has made its way into PS’s kink case as its reasonably small but powerful for the size, has a lot of potential for use and no need to plug it in for us.

Written by PurpleSole and Littlegem

A massive thank you to PS and gem – you can find them on their amazing blog and also on Twitter.

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11 thoughts on “Power Flower Satisfyer ~ Blooming Hot Guest Review”

  1. I got to review this one as well, and I loved it! Out of the four Satisfyer toys I tested, I loved three. The most expensive one was the biggest bust :p

    I’m happy to read this was a pleasurable experience for you too 🙂

    1. Hi Liz – great to see you – Purple Sole and Little Gem did a great job reviewing this toy for me as a guest post. I almost wished I had saved it for myself 😉 I do have another toy that I will be reviewing soon, that is similar looking, called Siren from SVAKOM – do u know it?

  2. I wouldn’t have tried this one because I would have been worried about the petals being too much but after reading this, I’d have to reconsider. 🙂

  3. Fascinating. I was somewhat curious about this toy but I was really surprised it worked well for forced orgasms. I may have to give this a try.

  4. What an excellent vibrator. I love the design and pleased to read that it performed so well in a multitude of ways. A real example of flower power.

  5. I have a real thing for unusual-looking sex toys, so this might be one for the Christmas list. Thanks for giving it such a thorough review!

  6. This sounds like a great toy and a really hot play session. I am glad that it worked well and love the style of the review ?

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