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I recently set up a small private members area on my website which will feature new content monthly.

It contains slightly more explicit pages than the rest of my site and is a continued work in progress. But at present, if you join, you can see…

Bound in a Barn

Private members can view a post depicting, in words and images, a true life bondage session with my man and me from last year. It is set in a barn and involves ropes and a riding crop.

Here is a little taster.

Within moments I was naked and bound with thick rope to a chair in the barn. At first he left me there while he went to find some whips and bits.

In silence he walked slowly over and pushed my head down so it was level with his hips. Then wrenching it back he slapped my cheek again and opened my mouth further by shoving thee fingers inside.


The second post, in the private members area, gives access to five galleries of more risque (or special in some way) images taken of me over the last three years.

Such as this these… Click for full screen.

To gain membership you simply need to buy me a £3 coffee below – (you can leave a private msg) and I will send you the password.

If you would rather email me and/or pay via paypal that is fine too.


And if you don’t fancy some saucy words and pictures but you would like to find out how good a witch I am then why not see what tarot reading is all about 😉


16 thoughts on “Private Members Only ~ Come on in”

    1. Hi I did reply last night? am wondering if i got the wrong email address or it went to spam – let me check and will get back to u asap 😉

      1. So, what, I guess I have to cough up 3 pounds to join the club? I know what 3# of coffee is but not 3# of money. This is extortion, but I’m thinking worth it. How do you like your coffee, with cream and sugar?

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