Pro 4 Couples ~ Threesome to Satisfyer

Pro 4 Couples ~ On occasions, life gets very busy and a date night may seem unlikely. This is when it is even more important to find the space to spend quality time together, rather than letting tasks and often tiredness to take over.

This happened recently to us – we just could not envisage having the time or energy but suddenly a window opened up and we leapt through it.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Boxed

Toy Fun to Come

We had decided to incorporate a sex toy into our activities. Satisfyer had recently sent me the Pro 4 Couples. It intrigued me immediately as we could both receive enjoyment from it.  We had a read of the instructions and decided to give it a go.

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This toy uses air pressure to create a sucking sensation from the round hole on the underside. This sits over the clitoris while the lower prong slides into your cunt and should stimulate the G-spot. It can be used simply like this as there are different intensities to try as well as varying vibration levels and sequences for the toy as a whole. Of course, the added enjoyment should be when he inserts his cock inside you alongside the prong. It will naturally be a tighter experience for him and you both can benefit from the vibrations.

I dressed in long black, high heeled, boots, a mini skirt and a sheer see-through black blouse, without a bra. This was a stark change form wellie boots, jodhpurs and jumper that I had on only a few hours before.

We chatted over dinner and a bottle of accompanying wine. He had shaved my cunt earlier and as we engaged I could feel its silky smoothness against my knickers.

Going through to the sitting room there was a large hook conveniently hanging from the ceiling. My man had attached rope to it earlier. Once my collar was in place he ordered me to put my hands above my head – tieing them to the hanging rope. Right in front of me was a window looking out on to a minor road. The curtains were open slightly. If someone was passing by they had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of our frolics.

Removing my skirt he put his hand down the front of my knickers to feel my naked mons. Then opened up my blouse so my tits were on display,

“Look out of the window, anyone passing will see what a dirty slut you are.”

My breathing quickened at such a thought. The idea that someone may see both scared and excited me.

Pulling my skimpy lace knickers in between my arse cheeks he swiftly removed the belt from his jeans. Telling me to stick my bum out he gave several stinging cracks to the soft flesh. My boobs swayed in front of me and my cunt contracted with the bittersweet pain.

Next taking my knickers off he tucked my blouse into the collar, so now my back was exposed. Using my favourite suede tendril whip, he began lashing my back and over my arse, swinging the whip around so it caressed my tits and bringing it up between my legs, nipping at my clit.  I was becoming more aroused with each strike.

He unzipped my boots and I kicked them off. Moistening his fingers he pushed them one at a time into my cunt, shortly followed by his cock as he lunged me forward fucking me hard and fast. My tits bounced along with the motion. Hanging on the rope above my head to keep my balance I glanced out of the window expectantly.

I adore fucking standing up. Even though he is a few inches taller than me, our legs are the same length so its easy for him to just slip in. Holding onto my hips he pounded me as his balls bounced off my thighs and his pubic hair occasionally got caught in my arsehole. It was primal and raw.

Untying me he pushed me down on to the sofa. Grabbing a dildo at the same time as freeing his dick from its confines

“Show me how you suck cock while you stroke me nice and gently. Slowly now”,

He held the dildo against my face and lips.  I licked the end whilst I used my fingertips to tease his shaft. Not being able to hold back any longer he removed the dildo and shoved his cock hard into my mouth quickly building up to face fucking me as my eyes began to water, the mascara stinging the corners.

Enjoying the moment he started to plunge the dildo into my cunt – all the while I was still sucking his dick.

“Dirty fucking slut, taking it from both ends,” he sneered.

He was now hard as hell, his balls so tight they were almost not viable- 3 days without sex.

Picking up the toy he lubricated it and switched it on, passing it to me to adjust the settings. It was easy to do. The prong was soft and smooth. Once I inserted it into my cunt it was extremely comfortable. The circular vibrating hole was creating pressure waves nicely over my clit – I do seem to have a very small and compact clitoris, even when aroused. I very much enjoyed how the toy felt, though it does not actually touch your clit.

When my man entered me the experience intensified. He began to pump my cunt, missionary style. All the delicate skin was being stimulated by the vibration of the Pro 4 Couples and also as he continued thrusting the prong pushed my G spot. It felt like I was being lit up in many different sensitive places. There was a tendency for the toy to move around a little as we fucked but I don’t think it distracted from our overall enjoyment. Indeed, as the sensations waved over me and I began to orgasm it felt extremely intense, magnified by the toy. My headspace changed as I simply lost control, and climaxed shaking with pleasure.

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My man said he loved the feeling on his cock, but because he never ejaculates inside me, just as he was about to come he pulled out and sprayed my tits.

We really enjoying trying out the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples and think with further experience we could get even more out of it. The toy is waterproof, hypoallergenic and easily charged via a USB cradle.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples – Give it a go

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

20 thoughts on “Pro 4 Couples ~ Threesome to Satisfyer”

  1. Holy Smokes!!! I have this sat at home in a box to review, and if I’m honest I haven’t been feeling it! Guess what I might get out tonight though? This was so steamy and sexy that I am raring to go. Amazing way to present a review x

    1. Nice to see you floss and so glad you like my review style. It seems from me and others that the main problem is the movement of the toy during sex. But I think because I don’t use sex toys very often I still got off on all the vibrations 😉

  2. I love reading the sexy story to go with the review. 🙂

    And based on your experience and other reviews I’ve read, I have a feeling it wouldn’t get anywhere near my clit if it was inserted. Ah well, glad you had fun with it — and before it, lol.

  3. A good review. I usually can’t read reviews, but I liked this. It does seem like it suffers as some dual products of either reaching your g-spot or your clit andnot both. It sounds like it was still rather enjoyable. The whole night sounds like it was frankly

    1. I cant get excited about reviews either that’s why I try to spice things up – I gotta enjoy writing it 😉 x

  4. Looks like an interesting toy although the distance between the probe and the bit for your clit looks very short to me and I don’t think it would be anywhere near my clit of that bit was inside me.


  5. This looks like a great toy May – and you certainly gave it a workout! I know I’ve said it before but this style of review really suits you – mostly about real life usage and not too much about packaging and charge times! This was really exciting and I could feel the frisson when you thought passers by might see your lewd acts – it kinda spurs you on no? Glad you and your man found time and energy for this date night!

    1. Thanks Posy – I know we are meant to give star ratings etc but to be honest that’s very difficult when I really don’t have many toys. I know we had fun with it and that’s what people surely want to know? 😉 x

  6. It sounds like you had a fabulous time, which is a long way from where you began early in the evening. I must say you have me curious, but given that I don’t have anyone to trial it with I’m happy to take your word that it’s a successful toy. I love the end photo!
    Indie xx

    1. Well you may have noticed I don’t do many reviews and that’s cause I actually don’t use many sex toys – I seem to get a lot of stimulus without them – except for rope and whips etc – so I think that’s why if its a good toy it does make a difference xx

    1. Glad you like it Jor -you are one of my readers and I expect a more formal review may bore you – think this style suits my blog 😉

  7. Another fun date night Miss May! Very hot, but put please don’t tease us by inserting the word ‘threesome’ into your blog titles. It gives some of us false hope! 🙂

  8. Love this post. So creative & unique style of Incorporating the product review in to your sex story. Not to mention the story is titillating & great for a MM post. ?

    1. thanks Cat – a more formal review isn’t really a good match for my blog. And I have fun writing this too x

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