Act like a Professional ~ Guest Post

Act like a Professional ~ Guest Post

I met Oz online when he left a rather long comment on this site. It went to moderation.

After reading it I realised that it was thoroughly interesting and with a little more detail would make a great guest post on Sex Matters.

In this post, Oz – a successful male escort – adds a very candid insight into his world, and what it takes to stay at the top. So let me pass the remainder of this article over to him…

Be a Professional

The male escort website industry is divided into two categories. First, legit directories, which have a male escort category. Second, scam websites. They make their money by conning gullible men into believing they’re going to make it rich as a male escort.

Escort Services

I am a male escort and although the vast majority of my clients are single men, I do sometimes get single women clients (and couples, duos etc).

If you pay a professional you’d expect that their only priority should be your pleasure. They should be more likely to have what it takes to ensure you’re satisfied than someone you just pick up in a bar or club or on a dating app. Even so, you should take care which escort you hire. Some have been seen to not show up on time. Or are high on drugs and not able to get hard and stay that way as long as it takes. You need an escort who will understand that it’s all about your wants and needs, not his.

Forced Bi Sessions

I’m very popular in London and internationally with Mistresses who offer forced bi sessions.

Forced bi is a popular fetish role play scenario. Many submissive men who see professional mistresses, enjoy doing one on one roleplays. He can explore his curiosity about sex with other men by having a Mistress verbally humiliate him with talk of how she’s going to invite a man to come over and use him sexually. This fantasy is usually played as a kind of humiliation scenario. For example, In the fantasy, he’s a straight man who doesn’t want to have sex with men but is being “forced” to do it.


Like many fantasies that male clients visit female professional Mistresses to explore, it’s about power exchange. Giving up control. Submitting oneself before a powerful, dominant woman and then exploring different fantasies within that context. Some men with this fantasy go so far as to request toys and strap-ons up their asses. Some want bondage. Others want sissification, whereby the Mistress dresses him up in women’s clothes. And some go all the way and make the fantasy a reality by agreeing to pay for a male escort like me to join in the session.

Good Reputation

Plucking up the courage to take this step of inviting a male escort to join in a duo session with himself and his Mistress can take years or even decades for some men. It’s a big deal to them and I don’t take this lightly. When I’m invited I do everything I can to make sure that the client has the best possible session tailored exactly to their needs. I want these guys to enjoy themselves. Also, it’s very important to me to maintain my reputation amongst Mistresses as the best of the best when it comes to forced bi.

Experience and Reliability

In the seven years I’ve been doing this I’ve worked with dozens of duo partners. I keep hearing the same thing from them. Along the lines of, “I’ve been trying for years to find a reliable male duo partner and they’ve all let me down until I met you.”

I did a duo session recently with two Mistresses and their client, where our client commented that he’s tried booking male escorts for duo sessions before and almost none of the male escorts could even get it up properly. Those who could get fully hard, couldn’t keep it that way. Both girls agreed that it’s difficult to find a male duo partner who’s in any way reliable and that a lot of male escorts can barely function sexually. It’s sad but true. I’m not up against very stiff competition as it were 😉

Good Credentials

Guys who can perform under pressure with anyone and everyone are rare. Those who start in the industry with this ability often quickly lose it due to burnout and/or drug abuse. Fortunately, I have zero interest in drugs, a massively high libido and modest financial targets. This means I usually see just a few people per day and feel zero pressure to accept bookings when I’m tired.

To maximise your chances of getting a male escort who’s actually competent and professional make sure you don’t go with one of the thousands of optimistic guys you’ll find on escort directories. They’ve paid little or nothing to list an advert and included a mirror selfie and a few crude lines of text.

Professional details

Go to the opposite end of the spectrum of un-professional to professional.

  • Find a guy who has his own website with professionally taken studio images, properly retouched.
  • Has a regularly updated blog and social media with lots of followers.
  • Plus a lot of interaction with well-known professionals in the industry.
  • He should have many good reviews on escort review sites.
  • Probably tours internationally.
  • Has numerous duo partners.
  • Contributes to online discussions about the business eg on Reddit. Has articles written about him in dozens of magazines, on websites, newspaper articles etc.
  • He should look like a model, have the body of an athlete and be hung like a donkey… In other words ME.

professional may more

7 thoughts on “Act like a Professional ~ Guest Post

  1. Oz is correct about finding a true professional, and not some plonker who fancies himself as a ‘Male Escort’ simply because he likes fucking and can post an ad.
    It’s a bit like the porn industry. For every 1,000 men who think they could do it, probably only 10 of them can stay hard and perform with any consistency on a set. It’s much harder than you think (no pun intended).

  2. May this is fascinating, He does indeed sound both professional and sympathetic. melody gives a great slant on things – we really do get quite educated from your readers’ comments, don’t we?!

    1. Thank you Posy – yes – I am so lucky to receive some great comments that add to my blog no end. In fact that is how I met Oz x

  3. May, I do enjoy these guest posts of yours about the more unusual things.

    I can appreciate his explanation on the forced-bi. It’s an extremely sensitive area and under the “sissy” label it can be more or less expected that it’s the ultimate goal, no matter how frightening the prospect can be. It’s good to read about professional sensitivity in this area.

    I’d give good odds that my own domme has employed his services ✨

    1. I did think of you when I read some of his post – I also had to ask him to describe forced bi as I am just so naive to some things and had no idea what it meant – thanks for reading Melody x

      1. One word I use to describe some aspects of ‘forced’ play which ties in with some of your other themes, is absolution. The role of the domme/mistress is to provide absolution for the sin (homosexuality, crossdressing etc) that the sub actually wants to perform but is socially programmed against doing. When the priestess absolves him of the responsibility of his sins he can happily indulge.

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