Prostate Massager ~ Have you tried one?

Prostate Massager ~ Have you tried one?

As soon as I decided to feature a post all about prostate massagers I was interested to find out what my friend Elliott Henry thought of them.

Whenever I want to know anything regarding male sex toys I ask him.  And this is what he said about using a prostate massager…

on occasion I enjoy having something in my ass, the fullness of a butt plug. A prostrate massager takes it to another level, the vibration inside me as I am stroking my cock produces an explosive orgasm.

Elliott Henry

But what I didn’t know was the massager can be used in the vagina too. Take a look at the image below.

prostate massager

Fascinating. So over to the latest Sex Matters guest post…

All you should know about using a prostate massage ~ Guest Post

prostate massager svakom

A prostate massager can be that one tool you use when you want a super orgasm. If you’re too tired with your normal sex routine and always want some experiments in bed, the prostate massager can be a big hit for your sex life. Not only does it add a spark to any couple’s sexual activity but also ensures stimulation like nothing else. A mere finger cannot reach where the best prostate massagers can and do wonders.

Prostate massagers may help to keep the sexual tension alive between two people and some of the best massagers on the market come with multiple functions and surprises hidden. 

Many are enabled with remote controlled functions and some have multiple vibration intensities. Switching to a mode you like and having it all in your control is the best way to have a super orgasm. Now, if you’re convinced about buying a prostate massager for yourself, read the guide below and use it for your maximum satisfaction. Here is the buying guide, caring guide, and using guide for your prostate massager.

How to buy a safe prostate massager?

Millions of brands are selling different sex toys online. However, you do not want to trust all of them since some of them are not good at all. Buy your prostate massager from a reputable company. Not a random website which sells them cheaply and possibly makes them with inexpensive materials that may be dangerous to the delicate anal area.  Medical grade silicone, stainless steel, or ABS plastic are good choices for a prostate massager.

How to effectively use your prostate massager?

If you’re somebody who has never given a try to prostate massager before, you must take it slow since there’s a lot to learn about using one. Start with bringing your knees up to the chest and lie down in that position. Though this is not the only position to use your prostate massager but it’s supposed to be the best one since it’s highly satisfying. Now,  get your lube ready because you’ll need a lot of it. Apply the lube to your sex toy in a good amount so that the toy is properly wet. It’ll help with the insertion and will also make the prostate massager do its job better once it’s in there. Now, start inserting the toy while you make sure that you’re not holding your breath since that does not work well.

If you’re a beginner and do not really know how to have a toy inside you, give some time to enjoy and relax while you do it. Slowly switch to the vibrations and other modes and you’ll soon like the experience.

Follow this guide to using a prostate massager and you’ll never regret buying it in the first place. It can be the greatest gift that you get yourself for ultimate pleasure and orgasm!

This article was written and sponsored by Svakom. The introduction and conclusion below are all my own work ;-).


In fact, to conclude this post I will tell you I’m no stranger to Svakom products. Having reviewed one of their toys before.

siren by skakom who make prostate massager

And what I do know is the quality of the materials they use is very high. The Svakom Siren is one of the favourite sex toys I own. And I have a few!

7 thoughts on “Prostate Massager ~ Have you tried one?

  1. We’ve tried them, but it turns out better in theory than practice for me… Felt good, but not enough to make it a regular thing. But, I know some who love them! We ended up using them on her instead.

  2. From a former nurse, laying on the left side with the right leg bent can help with insertion of a prostate massager as well, if being on the back is too painful or uncomfortable 🙂
    Good advice in this post.

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