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Pyjama Party Games to Play ~ Flash Part 5

Recap in a nutshell ~ Earlier Gen was in her underwear while the three friends were playing pyjama party games. Gen had a dare to play out – kiss the old man from across the road. Her friends did not expect him to answer the door but little did they know that he was Gen’s old headmaster Mr Roberts. She was invited in to meet a rather handsome grandson who had just finished his term in the marines…

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Playing games and being brazen

When I looked back Mr Roberts was still standing in front of me – hand out waiting to take my coat.

“Well… em… I’m feeling a little bit chilly.” I muttered, as the open fire next to me belied my words.

“Genevieve I can see beads of perspiration on your forehead.” He chuckled, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh damn it! I exclaimed.

I realised I had two choices here: Go into a rather lame explanation about playing pyjama party games and only knocking on his door as a dare. Which the old man may find insulting. Or simply brazen it out. Think, The Emperor’s New Clothes. And it has to be said I do like an audience.

With both sets of eyes on me I carefully undid the buttons of my coat, slipped it off my shoulders, handed it to Mr Roberts, curtsied and sat down in just my bra and knickers. I should remind you they weren’t matching either, but thankfully the panties had a gusset and the bra was void of tassels.

Mr Roberts merely smiled and went to hang up my coat in the hall. Meanwhile Jacob grinned from ear to ear stating, “It is rather warm in here, you came prepared Gen, I think I’ll join you.”

He promptly removed his shirt to reveal a wonderfully sculpted chest.

Hmm I thought. He who dares wins. Things were working our rather well.

Mr Roberts suggested since the pair of us looked as if we had played a hand of strip poker already why not sit down to a different game of cards.

“How about hearts for money?” He enthused. Then to make sure he sealed the deal added, “And a few more G & T’s.”

He plonked the litre bottle of Tanqueray on the table with some ice, juice and tonic. This man knew how to party!

The three of us took our seats, Jacob shuffled and dealt the cards while I borrowed a handful of coins from Mr Roberts. Not having brought my handbag/purse with me.

It was beginning to appear that this particular party had the makings of an all-nighter. Perhaps I should have worn my Pyjamas after all…

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I realise I have not mentioned masturbation – the prompt for EFD. But come back next week and I might just get on to that… maybe.

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  1. Ha! Gen either has the best luck in the world! Mr. Jacobs seems rather open to new ideas for being an “old man”. He has a story or two I bet.

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