Radio More ~ Barefoot and Bitless

Radio More ~ Barefoot and Bitless

Radio More Barefoot and Bitless ~ Here is the second in a series of short erotic audio stories.

I wrote this story last August for round seven of the Smut Marathon. It did very well.

Barefoot and Bitless for Radio More has been updated slightly and amended for audio-ease.

CONTENT WARNING – Non consensual/Domestic abuse

Listening time 9 mins…

Barefoot and Bitless

Naked, bound, gagged.

Yet it was only a few months ago I lived a tranquil existence alone, deep within Leymoor wood. Father died on my thirtieth birthday last year. He left me just enough to survive on…

More Radio More?

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17 thoughts on “Radio More ~ Barefoot and Bitless

  1. I remember this story. It was nice closing my eyes and hearing your read it to me. You did well. I liked the music and sound effects. Was that your man on the squeezebox? The narrator did a good job too.

    1. He introduced it and did the sound effects – but not himself from something he has online. Then I read it – narrated it. And there u have had. We had fun and will do more ;-0

    1. Well several swear words and one phone restart later the audio is now working… I will listen when I have my headphones in later (so S2 can’t hear lol)

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