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Radio More ~ Letters and Lonely Hearts

I wrote – Letters and Lonely Hearts – nearly two years ago.

Mr More and I thought it may be fun to create an audio with sound effects.

And so here it is. Sit down by the open fire with a cup of coco and tune in 😉

The first paragraph of the story – word wise – is slightly altered from the original so I have included the updated words here and then just click through to the rest of the story if you want to follow along with the words while listening.

Letters and Lonely Hearts Audio

To begin with, I felt a little embarrassed reading the lonely hearts page. But really, where was the harm? Knowing about other single people was a comfort. Interesting too – the way they described themselves and explained what they were looking for.

One particular advert in – Tea for Two – caught my attention.

Penpal wanted.

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13 thoughts on “Radio More ~ Letters and Lonely Hearts”

  1. Great story and a great production. Have you acted or done voice work professionally? You’re narration and timing was perfect. If you guys ever fall on hard times I have some x-rated stories from Literotica I’ll pay you to record!

  2. An excellent production May. With the introduction, music and sound effects it was just like listening to the radio. The choice of music was very effective. Your delivery was perfect for the story and I was totally engrossed. I’m now looking forward to your next production. xx

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