Radio More ~ Whispered Obscenities

Radio More ~ Whispered Obscenities

Last December I wrote a fictionalised, festive, smutty post.

Here it is as an audio with fabulous sound effects included in the production. Courtesy of my man. Well, we went to the pub and recorded some background sounds. It works quite well with this suggestive erotic tale, which has a pub setting.

I do hope you enjoy the narration.

My man recommends you listen with headphones

Listen here…

Click to read along with the words from the original post.  It will open in a new window…

14 thoughts on “Radio More ~ Whispered Obscenities

  1. Beautifully read May, and what a lovely, sultry voice you are blessed with. I loved the cozy feel given to the story by the background sounds. Kudos to you both.

  2. Fabulous May – this has always been a favourite of mine but it really comes to life with your narration and the background sound effects! Putting this on my favourites bar!

  3. Another auditory pleasure May. With your sensual voice, a raunchy story, and Mr More’s quality sound effects this was utter delight from beginning to end. xx

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