Ranting about Immoral Rules

Ranting about Immoral Rules

I am lumping rules and laws under the one heading of rules. After all laws are just the legal version of rules and so come with greater weight and punishments for disobeying.

I have often been wary of rules.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand some rules are there for a bloody good reason – such as only so many people allowed in a lift at one time or don’t light a match while at the petrol garage. And going further – don’t be murdering someone just because you don’t like them! But there do seem to have been some jolly silly additions that hinder rather than help. Many of the recent safety rules would fit into this category, which in general don’t seem to take into account a person’s common sense.


One rule/law I take umbrage over is this:

A person can be prosecuted if they are found to be selling or buying cannabis products in the UK.

It is widely known that cannabis can help certain physical conditions. My partner has one of these health issues – Lyme disease.

Whenever my partner has been able to get hold of cannabis, the improvement in his condition is marked. But of course, let’s remember (at time of writing) it is illegal in the UK even though it is recognised to be beneficial to those with certain illnesses.

Indeed, if my partner had been inadvertently diagnosed with MS – which often happens with LD – he may be able to receive cannabis oil on prescription.

Cannabis appears to stop the bacteria from infecting more parts of the body.

Which means the patient can gain relief and start to heal. And although it is possible to purchase CBD products, they don’t contain all the medicinal properties that the plant, resin or oil do.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, weed and many other names — comes from the cannabis plant, ‘cannabis sativa.’ Cannabis sativa has nearly 500 known compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive component.

CStore Decisions.

In my opinion, to not allow a sick person access to a plant that can improve their condition is immoral.


The amount of people diagnosed with Lyme disease is growing fast. Yet most governments don’t think the disease warrants in depth research. Not only that, in some countries (such as UK), those who have this debilitating illness, aren’t even in receipt of cannabis to relieve their symptoms on a daily basis.

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9 thoughts on “Ranting about Immoral Rules

  1. CBD products are pretty commonly available where live. Growing cannabis is regulated by the state though. So unless you have a license to produce pot products (gotta pay the renenuers!), there are major fines involved in growing the plant(s).

    Personally, I think cannabis and hemp products are safer to use than opioids, but I won’t touch either. My body has demonstrated violent reactions to both.

    1. Hi Feve
      Same with my daughter regarding getting a bad reaction. In the lockdown i mentioned somewhere that I was unknowingly taking in a daily dose of cannabis and I actually reacted well to it – i was not one who tried it in my younger days
      May x

  2. i hope your partner can get the meds necessary and some weed too. Even here in the states the law regarding Cannabis can differ from state to state. i have a friend who holds a med card got arrested in another state not for smoking but transporting. He was travelling to see some relatives and was speeding. they asked he has any drugs he was honest and now it is costing some big time cash and time to fight the charges.
    Hope your partner feels better

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