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Recommended Monthly Shares from May More

This page will be updated each month with new recommended reading chosen by me. I will feature work from other bloggers as well as my own.

It’s a great way to share work you have enjoyed.

Recommended Reading from September 2020

Recommended Reading from others

New Site – Blogable.Club

I am very excited about being one of the creators (along with Marie and Missy) of the Blogable Club. It is a FREE members site with lots of tips and tricks about blogging and writing. Everyone welcome. You can find out all about it hereAnd follow Blogable on Twitter.

Recommended Reading from my Blog.

  • I have started a dark thriller type series called The Sins of Red. The first parts have been published and you can read them here.
  • The Fiction Relay is travelling along nicely. There have many twists and turns. We are up to part 8. You can read a comprehensive summary of the plot up to the end of part 7.
  • One other September recommendation from Sex Matters is a post I wrote called Submissive Saturday. True life kinky capers and erotic images too.

And here is my favourite image from my blog for quite a long time.

rope candlelight

One last thing – check out the current prompt over on 4Thoughts. It is all about making sure you have a great ABOUT ME page on your blog. Why not join in and create or update yours?


Recommended Reading from August 2020 – 3 2 1…

Three Blogs to Share

These blogs have produced so much excellent content over the last month. Check them out.

Two Posts From Me

My latest erotic tale is live on My Erotica. Please have a read and if you like it “clap” – that is how I earn money on these stories.

The Fiction Relay – Please have a read of the episodes so far – more added every week…

One Post that I Can’t Forget


11 thoughts on “Recommended Monthly Shares from May More

  1. Lovely list May – the overlaps with my list just make me realise we are on the same wavelength, and those that I hadn’t seen before – well you make sure I don’t overlook them! Your new blog format is great.

  2. It’s hard to keep up with you, you are so prolific. I do see however, that you have posted probably my favorite ‘May More Image’, you know the one, it has received the Elliott Award in the past, gracing the pages of Life of Elliot with ’you know who’. Thank you for the recommendations, May.

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