Recreate from tasting Menstrual Blood

Recreate from tasting Menstrual Blood

Recreate, this weeks wicked Wednesday prompt, has a few meanings. The one I am using in this post is the American definition – to put fresh life into; refresh or restore in body or mind.

These last few months I have really been enjoying writing a slightly taboo series called The Curse and entering it into this meme. Each time making sure I am the using the weekly  prompt in that instalment.

It is about a guy, Eddie, who is fixated with a woman’s smell when she is menstruating. He compares licking her to feeding because he can recreate himself by tasting her blood – it makes him feel stronger, more alert with clear vision.

At the start, I had a general idea of where I may go with the plot but was not certain. It is loosely based on a book I read about 8 years ago. And the simple fact that one of the first times my man went down on me I had my period, and he just did not care. Saying there was nothing about me that disgusted him.

I thought there may be three or four parts to it but now can honestly envisage double that amount. Previously I have only ever penned one fictional two-part series, Eloise. So this is quite a challenge. Since taking part in the Smut Marathon I have definitely taken my writing more seriously.

Part five is half written but I am really busy this week with general work and finishing my Smut Marathon story so will publish it next week.

You can click on each part title to read the whole episode or here is a recap of the story so far – including the wicked Wednesday prompt word for each week:

Part One

Leaving deliberately just after Justine, beguiled by her musty aroma. A year younger than me, she had dated a guy in my class during the last term of school. I may have noticed her out of the corner of my eye but she was not a looker. That evening her scent spurred me on, so coming to my road I just carried on following. From fifteen metres away I could smell her. I began shaking my head to try and clear the familiar black spots clouding my vision.

Part Two

The following week I still felt energised and motivated. I even managed to secure a part-time job at the local leisure centre. When my shift finished I made full use of the benefits and tried out the pool and gym. Within a very short time, my body was bulking up slightly and gaining definition.

Part Three

Sad today – cried about Eddie. I know we have only been together once but it felt great – meant to be, even. Last night, couldn’t sleep for thinking about it all. I had to masturbate – picturing him with his fingers in my cunt, looking all moody and  falling to his knees, adoringly licking my slit. As I massaged my clitoris, the orgasm brought release and I slept.

Part Four

Still, I’m not really savvy in the art of romance or dating. No practice. But Alice wouldn’t have realised that as quite a few girls from the gym show a lot of interest in me. All I knew about women was their smell.

We passed a few of the boys I used to be at school with on the way into the pub.

“Got it all going on there mate,” Tom praised, patting me on the back while staring at Alice wiggling her neat little bum over to a table.

Felt good – on top of things. I knew if I had been with Justine they would have just walked past without a glance.

Eddie can recreate each time he tastes menstrual blood

The theme of cunnilingus occurs in each episode, but of course this is fiction. Until I read this post from Aria, a summer 100 friend, about oral sex I didn’t know there were actual workshops explaining the finer details of these sexual acts. There are many other posts about oral sex that Isabelle has diligently collated for your pleasure 😉

Recreate #318







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6 thoughts on “Recreate from tasting Menstrual Blood

  1. I love the premise for your series and I really hope you continue it on. I have often thought about writing a short series on my blog but not managed it so far. Still on the to-do list in the ‘maybe’ column


  2. You hafta know I am really enjoying this series, in particular the way it is slightly otherworldly. The different points of view are great – Eddie’s latest (part 4) seemed like a police interview. Keep going May, greatness cannot be rushed!

    1. Time is a problem so wil try and get the net part out next week – glad u enjoying it – and can see possibly where it may go 😉 x

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