Redemption: A Place for Unconventional Fiction

As many of you know, I put a lot of my blog tales on to the Medium platform, and also have written many new ones especially for different Medium publications. It gives me a chance to earn a little money for my writing. So far it has far been a very positive journey for me, so…

Let’s Talk about Me

I hit the road running when I first decided to put my stories on the platform back in January. I didn’t really think, before opening my mouth and asking Posy Churchgate to join me in creating a publication for, Erotic Fiction with a Twist. And so Tantalizing Tales was born.

I am so glad that happened because if I had left it a few months I probably would have worked out that growing a publication requires a lot of time and effort and many simply fail. Sometimes it is well worth just doing something, rather than thinking about it.

One of the reasons why Ttales took off so well was because we gained early writing support from a few of our blogging friends, Liz BlackX and Mrs. K— who are now editors. Community is important. So, many thanks to them and all the writers and readers who have supported Ttales so far…


What has this all got to do with Paul Mansfield’s Redemption Magazine? Well, right from the start I understood that some of the depraved, uncomfortable stories I like to pen, would not suit the overall theme of Tantalizing Tales. We have a definite readership.

Initially, I thought I may open another publication, but there is only so many hours in the day. I started searching and found this one. I realised right away it would make the perfect home for my stories that step outside the box — you know the type, where the plot is provocative and the characters are from the darker side of humanity. Fiction where the author thinks for themselves, writes bravely and breaks a few rules. Not for the faint-hearted.

I already knew Paul as he is part of the wonderful Microcosm team. We had a bit of a chat and so here I am as editor for Redemption Magazine and most certainly a cheerleader too.

Personally, I am not keen on censorship, so really appreciate that Redemption wants your hard edged fiction, with broken men, desperate women and down-and-out dogs! Send us that tale that was too much of a hot potato for anyone else to handle. Submit that story you always wanted to write but were too afraid. Now is the time to find courage, dig deep, step out of your confines and join us at Redemption. I promise — it will be challenging, and a lot of fun.

“Redemption Magazine is a publication that celebrates those who walk off the beaten path.” Paul Mansfield.

I will add to that, it’s—

a publication that celebrates — those who walk off the beaten path or those who are ‘beaten’ while on the path 🙂


We like these tags:

  • All Stories — require the FICTION tag.
  • Horror — requires the HORROR tag.
  • Fantasy — requires the FANTASY tag.
  • Transgressive Fiction — requires the TRANSGRESSIVE FICTION tag.
  • Erotica — yeah, you got it — use the EROTICA tag.


  1. Please follow the publication. And of course the wonderful Tantalizing Tales too… Writers & Readers.
  2. If you want to write out of the box, with Redemption, then check this post out for all the details:
  3. If you want to write Tantalizing Tales – beguiling stories with a twist – then read this post.
  4. Most of all, enjoy your story writing 🙂


6 thoughts on “Redemption: A Place for Unconventional Fiction”

  1. This sounds really exciting May. You are great at the darker stories too so it sounds like it will work really well. Another new venture. Congrats and good luck. Missy x

  2. Aha May – this is intriguing, I think I will enjoy reading what is submitted to Redemption, as I do like my fiction edgy. I may even share a little fiction with your publication sometimes. Well done for taking another leap, and thank you for continuing to support TTales in the endeavour.

    1. Ah Posy, love to have your following Redemption and even writing there should u want to. And you know what ttales means to me 🙂 I love it xx

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