Regret is a place I try not to go

Regret is a place I try not to go

A little fiction and fact and a final paragraph too…


“What shall we do on Saturday, Hope?”

“Oh, how about we go out in the evening to that new club in town. I hear they have a two for the price of one cocktail night. I really want to try a Margarita.”

“Not so sure I’d enjoy that. I’d probably end up with a hangover the next day and wish I’d never gone,” Rue complained.

“Ah OK. How about we spend the afternoon at the swimming pool. I could improve my breaststroke and you could just admire my tits in the costume.” Hope giggled, trying to buoy her girlfriend.

“Very funny. But my hair dries out so much with the chlorine I think the next day I’d look a mess for my zoom work meeting.”

“I don’t know then. You are so hard to please.” Hope sighed. “What have you done in the past that you enjoyed, Rue?”

“I used to like bike riding, but I regret doing so much, as now I have unsightly veins on my calf.” Rue looked thoughtful. “I wish I was more like you, Hope. So light-hearted and enthusiastic. What’s your secret?”

“Secret? Well I always think I will regret the things I don’t try, not those I have actually done.”

“That’s a good philosophy. So perhaps, I will regret not going swimming, and seeing your delicious breasts bobbing about in the water, more than I could possibly regret having messy Sunday hair. And looking back I certainly enjoyed all the places I cycled too. I don’t regret that bit. Looks like I just got to change my mindset a little.”

“Yep. That’s about it. Stop being so rueful, Rue.”


Did you know that Rue is a girl’s name meaning regret? I can’t imagine calling a child of mine something with such a negative meaning.

I agree with my little story above that possibly the greater regrets are the things you didn’t do. But then again, the whole topic can get confusing. For instance, now I am older, I think that I may regret leaving this brilliant bank job I had when I was eighteen. It suited my brain and I was promoted quickly. If I had stayed I would be looking forward to a fat pension one day. Which I will not have available to me. But supposing I was still working there, I would probably be writing here that I regret never having travelled or going to University and meeting all the people involved with just those two adventures.

So, perhaps, you are damned if you do, or don’t! The best thing is to hope you made the correct decision. And also…

Never let regrets take the place of your dreams

I remember when my kids were young I had this feeling I was missing out so decided to say “yes” to suggestions made to me for a while. This was a challenging thing to attempt, but was also enjoyable. A few possibilities opened up that I would never, ever have got involved with if I hadn’t put my positive head on and agreed to a few things. As a result I actually added up doing some hand modelling, and having a lot of fun along the way…


The meme I run – 4Thoguhts – is having a break until the new year. Then, I have a few new ideas for it and am also interested in if anybody would like to help run it? Or indeed take it over themselves. What I won’t do is shut it completely. It didn’t start out as mine, so I feel it is good karma to keep it going one way or another. Anyhow, the current – final prompt for a while – is to write about your best day ever. You can check it out here.

Another final which is being held now is the final round of the Blogable Fiction Marathon. Please pop on over and read the amazing five stories and vote for your favourite three. If you don’t you may regret it!

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5 thoughts on “Regret is a place I try not to go

  1. “I had this feeling I was missing out so decided to say “yes” to suggestions made to me for a while.”

    I love this sentiment! And your piece of fiction too. Actually, while I’m here, that’s an interesting fact- I really enjoy finding out the history of words! Great post May, and I’ll be sorry to see 4thoughts on pause, jut look forward to your new year’s plans. N xx

    1. Hey bf
      i had fun on my “yes period” – and i have to say, try and put that in to action every so often. TY for your continued support with 4thoughts and in general
      May x

  2. I always enjoy reading you May … everywhere you go, whichever Medium you choose!
    And I love your quote “Never let regrets take the place of your dreams”.
    Xxx – K

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