High Five for Respect, Humility & Boundaries

High Five for Respect, Humility & Boundaries

Recently I read that fear may be coerced, obedience enforced, but respect has to flow freely from a heart full of appreciation for another person’s admirable qualities and/or behaviour.

It appears to me that often we respect someone who portrays qualities or talents that we ourselves do not possess. I get that. I’ve a huge respect for my man’s cooking skills and his outrageous talent for many things creative. I can cook but not as well as him. I am creative with my writing, particularly fiction, but don’t have his prowess with words. But I also admire his patience towards me. I am not an easy person to be emotionally involved with. I am fractious , fickle and irrational.

Having regard for a person’s talent can also mean it is possible to respect someone even if you don’t know them well or like them personally. But in my opinion they would also need to be displaying certain traits to elicit this response. Perhaps some of the following.

Five Points to chew on…

One ~ Humility – be down to earth.

People who show disdain towards others opinions and/or life while insisting their way is the only way are not awash with humility. In fact, arrogant people rarely gain respect.

Being humble isn’t about not thinking well of yourself. It simply means you are aware that you don’t know all the answers and won’t get everything right. Because you are human. Indeed, human and humility come from the same Latin word – humilitas, one who is grounded or near to the earth.

Two~ Boundaries – that’s close enough.

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them. Remember never set a boundary if you can not enforce it.

It is difficult to have respect for someone if they do not adhere to your boundaries. Obviously this applies in reverse. By paying attention to the way someone behaves means you will learn what their boundaries entail and can build a friendship based on respect by paying attention to them. As time goes by the boundaries may alter, so be open to such changes. Listen to what people are saying, be it their words or actions.

Three ~ Equality

While recognising we are all individuals it is important to remember that just because one person has for example a higher IQ and another can run faster – neither is better than the other. To gain respect don’t shout about your own talents or imply some people or groups are better than others.

Four ~ Self Esteem

Showing humility does not mean you can not think well of yourself. Confidence in a valuable asset when worn alongside others. Learning to love your self helps you to be strong and self reliant. This is an important area to focus on when thinking about respect. As is reflecting. It is never too late to think about how others may see you.

Five ~ Positivity

It is very difficult to respect those that are continually negative. It is true in some situation it is hard to see the positive but look harder, it is there. You may just need to search a little longer or delve a bit deeper. Positivity is contagious and deserves respect.

This was written for two memes I respect – Tell me about and SB4MH



Let me know your thoughts about respect…



12 thoughts on “High Five for Respect, Humility & Boundaries

  1. #5 was pretty much why I stopped blogging. I have nothing new to say, other than my wife doesn’t want to have sex with me. It was all getting very negative.

  2. This is such a great post, May! I personally just treat everyone with respect, but I feel respect towards certain kinds of people: those that admit their mistakes and learn from them, those that have talents I admire, those that show kindness and understanding to others. So showing respect, and feeling respect, are two different things, for sure.

  3. This is a great post May and I really like the way that you have structured it to show the things that create, or break, respect. Your analytical approach has made me think about it differently which is really interesting. I also liked your point “that often we respect someone who portrays qualities or talents that we ourselves do not possess.” So true! ?

  4. I like the five points you have mentioned here, and definitely agree with them. I always instantly trust and respect people for who they are, until I don’t. I believe being true to yourself is the highest form of respect you can give yourself. And part of being true to yourself, in my opinion, is to be down to earth. None of us is better than the other.

    Rebel xox

  5. It’s quite interesting how that works. I suppose you can say that obedience is nore action based while respect is more linked to emotion, which is why you can’t just enfore respect but you can obedience

  6. Great post. Especially the first point. When someone lacks humility I will rarely be able to form a deeper connection. Also positivity is so important but one has to make an effort to be positive. I know workplaces where people are constantly negative and complain and I always thought “do you not respect your place of work or your coworkers and customers?”

  7. Well said. I agree with what you wrote.
    I believe respect must be earned, it’s not just given to a person. Especially in leaders, humility is one thing I forgot about. Leaders need to earn respect, they need to know a lot about themselves. To be self-aware, not be self-centered or be a bully, to let their peeps know that they have their backs, be willing to embrace those who are different from themselves because they know they can learn from others. Similar to your statement … “we respect someone who portrays qualities or talents that we ourselves do not possess.” I don’t know why but I always think of leaders and people in authority when I hear “respect.” LOL
    Damn after reading my comment I thought…Hilter was a leader and ppl respected him.

    1. exactly – we can respect people who we don’t like but usually that will go out the window unless they portray other traits that make them worthy of respect x

    2. Because I currently read something about Hitlers time here is a thought. I think with leaders many people project their wishes, desires and fears onto leaders and then they call it respect when in fact it is something quite unhealthy.

  8. I love this post May! So true and so important. And your creativity in your headline pic is great too! It’s nice to follow you. You give me things to think about regularly. You’re not alone in doing that but you seem to hit me harder between the eyes. lol
    Stay well!

  9. Thank you for sharing with Tell Me About! I agree wholeheartedly with your comments!

    I particularly like the way you have looked at the five points. It makes a lot of sense when you look at these characteristics in relation to respect in relationships, and how you should also respect yourself x

    Take care and be safe May ?

    Sweetgirl x

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