Rite of Confession

Rite of Confession

I was brought up a catholic and the religion did install various rituals in me. Thankfully, I have now absolved my self of most of them. One ritual lasted until I was a late teen – going to confession. I remember the process well and those memories inspired this piece of naughty fiction.

Nurse Carolyn Confesses ~ you know.

“Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been one month since my last confession.”

It’s Carolyn. Back again to confess her latest sexual atrocities. I can see her through the latticed opening. Long yellow hair falling over that generous bosom. She must have just finished work, like me she is still in uniform. The staff nurse dress hugs her curves and I have to stop myself from moving closer to inhale her perfume. She always wears musk.

Straightening my cassock I settle back in the chair.

“Remember when you sin you are hurting Jesus as well as yourself. I am ready to hear your confession.”

Carolyn has been attending my service ever since she moved into the parish five years ago. At first she was a little nervous speaking out, but I always encourage my congregation to come to confession. After all, a clear conscience leads to a pure soul.

“Well Father, I’m not sure if you are familiar with Mr Elliott from Duke Street? The very clean-cut chap from the post office. He came into Accident and Emergency the other day with a sprained wrist. After I had applied the bandage he explained he couldn’t sexually relieve himself anymore – because of the injury, you know. And his wife is not interested at all. I love my job and recognise it’s my duty to give the patent complete care. It was quiet so I pulled the curtains shut and sank to my knees.”

Carolyn moves closer to the screen and in almost a whisper she continues.

“I do have to tell you Father that Mr Elliott has a fine member. Large, clean and enthusiastic. As my head bobbed up and down he stroked my hair muttering that I was a fine woman. Then when he climaxed I swallowed it all down. Obviously not wanting to get any on my uniform, you know.”

The image of Carolyn, on her knees, with her hair cascading over Mr Elliott’s lap is titivating. My senses take control and I open a few buttons in the front of my cassock. I can’t deny my manhood is showing a lot of interest in Carolyn’s sins.

“Are you sorry for assisting Mr Elliott in adultery?”

I slip my hand in the opening and using the thumb and forefinger of my right hand I exert some pressure on my shaft.

“Oh yes Father. I am truly sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Hav… have you committed any other sins that you wish to be absolved off?”

Holding my breath I can hardly wait to hear her answer.

“Just one other, Father. and I am promise you this situation was really out of my control.

“That nice Mr Lin, the orthopedic surgeon, took me for a drink the other evening after work. We’d had a very stressful day and he said he wanted some light relief before going home to his family.

“After a few wines at the local pub we hopped in a black cab. I certainly was not expecting any back seat bingo but the doctor suddenly proclaimed he had to have the comfort of my breasts. The desire in his eyes told me everything I needed to know. So, naturally I obliged and undid the buttons on my uniform and hoped the cab driver wasn’t looking.  Immediately Mr Lin pulled the cups aside and my substantial flesh spilled out into his waiting hands. And what hands that man has. His nails are spotless. No wonder he’s a surgeon.  Stroking my skin he expertly grazed the nipples with his fingers and then began suckling each one in turn. As if he was getting real nourishment from me.

“I couldn’t help myself Father and began to orgasm right there in the car. I noticed he put his free hand into the front of his trousers and tugged at himself. Didn’t take many for him to make a mess. Which I felt a little bad about, you know. I do like things to be clean.”

My pulse quickens visualising  her breasts jiggling as the cab drove over bumps in the road. Oh how I yearn to feel her soft silky flesh. But I am a priest first.

“Ma… may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Say three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and go now, in peace to love and serve the lord.”

I race through the words eager for her to leave.

“Thank you Father.”

Watching her walk out of the confessional box I catch  a glimpse of the dress clinging to her voluptuous hips. The door bangs shut and at that moment I soil my vestments as the priest gives way to the man.

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ritual - confession
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12 thoughts on “Rite of Confession

  1. I so get a sense of her character being just open and a little ditzy, not really having a clue at all. She just helping, you know? And I love that the priest is just a man, not above his own desires.

    1. Thanks Brigit! that is exactly what I was trying to put across with the characters. I do love to create them. And it means a lot that you saw what I was aiming for x

  2. A great, fun romp May, it’s reminiscent of a certain era – the kind of pulp books probably around in the 60s and 70s. I love how you can adapt to other styles, it was saucy read with a tinge of taboo. This will be popular.

  3. Firstly, I loved the image to go with the story May. It really caught my eye. And secondly the story was a delicious romp, full of very satisfying nourishment. Oh yes, It’s so good to be back in the confessional! xx

    1. I like to read and write Jesus stuff – though this tale is very tongue in cheek and a little bit comedic – I did enjoy writing it – and is is great when writing proves to be fun 😉

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