Review Scarlet Rooms ~ A Rocket in your Pocket

Review Scarlet Rooms ~ A Rocket in your Pocket

The lovely people from Scarlet Rooms asked to collaborate with me. And who was I to disagree?

They decided they wanted me to test a sex toy. As my regular readers know it is not something I do often. I have a few toy reviews on my blog written by me. But just as many guest reviews, where I call in another blogger to have some sex toy fun and write about it for my blog. And always the published article is very informal.


So what persuaded me to do this one? Could it have been the extra sexy lingerie the company threw in?


Or perhaps some rather attractive pink bondage tape? Both helped but I decided having already reviewed some expensive luxury sex toys as well as some mid range options too it was about time I got down and dirty with a more affordable item.

So I chose the Jumpin’ Gyrator Rocket from the Pocket Exotics range and decided my man and I would have a bit of fun and put it through its paces together. After all we like to do things – together 😉

pocket rocket
My goodies

pocket rocketThe rocket was cheaply pocket rocketpackaged as one would have expected. I had made a mistake and naively thought that the control for the item would not be attached by a cord. But of course at that price it was.  I tore it open and had a feel. The bulb shaped gyrator  was actually very nice to touch.

So – I got this idea. My man and I would…

Hang on…

We did…

And here is what happened.

Two’s Company

“So let me get this right. We go to the pub for the night and while we are there you put this in your cunt.”  He holds up the ball end.

“Yeah. Then we sit close, the control in your pocket, and you turn the vibration up or down. You get to regulate my stimulation. What do you think?” I asked.

“Kinky. Call it a date night. Sounds good to me.”

That Friday evening we took a walk down to the local pub where we were working. I put on a tight fitting dress, hold ups and boots.

green button up dress with hearts
I love this green dress covered in hearts. It has buttons all down the front. Perfect for date-nights.

The pub was busy but we found a nice spot where we could sit side by side in a corner and settled down with a couple of drinks chatting about the week. The toy was safely in my coat pocket. A little time passed and relaxed by the wine I nipped to the toilet and closed the door on one of the two cubicles while my man popped up to the bar to get another round.

I covered the bulb rocket with a little lube – I came prepared – and slowly… pushed it into my pussy. It felt fine but as I don’t actually get involved in too much PIV sex I decided I would be more comfortable if I placed it just at the entrance. Tucking the controls in the side of my knickers and clenching the ball between my legs I opened the door.

Looking around I realised I must have been faffing around for quite a while as now the small bathroom was packed with women. All chattering and getting in my way as I tried to discretely wash my hands and walk out without looking like I had a sex toy in my panties.

Finally, I made it back to the table and we giggled about my experience. Discreetly I put a hand up my dress and pulled down the control box and my man slipped it into this pocket, to use as he chose. We were sitting so close no body would have noticed the cord that bound us!

We carried on chatting when all of a sudden my sex was alive with quite strong vibrations. I nearly jumped put of my seat and began to laugh. Pretty soon he worked out to adjust the speed and strength of the vibration the slider needed to be turned up full first. Then could be moved right down to a slight rumbling or a medium quiver and then on to a reasonably strong vibration.

My man put me through its paces as I wriggled in my seat to take best advantage of the stimulation. It was hot! I liked it. Being in a public place was exciting but being me meant I knew I was not going to be able to relax enough to climax. No fault of the toy. And I loved knowing we had a secret from the people standing round us drinking and socialising.

My man explained he was getting hard. The thought of being in control of my pleasure won out – it worked for him and I could see his cock swell under the cover of his jeans. We discussed whether he would feel the same if it was another man with his hands between my legs. But that particular conversation is a post for another day.

At one point a couple of guys joked about joining us at our table and as my man made small talk he turned the vibration up to high. I jolted in my seat while attempting to behave as if nothing was going on in my slit.

They didn’t stay long. And when we finished our drinks we decided it was time to go back to the house and fuck (or similar). I felt like I had been primed, had eaten an appraiser and was now ready for the main course. So I retreated to the safety of the cubicle and once more put the toy in my pocket.

At home we ran straight upstairs and my knickers were down in super fast time. I threw my self back on the bed and my man undid a few of the buttons of my dress. My bra and cleavage were on display and after pulling down one of the straps and freeing a boob he decided to liberate his cock as well. He knelt above me, dick dangling over my face. Grabbing it I angled the tip into my mouth as he turned on the rocket and used it to caress my clit, on a medium vibration. Being so sexually wound up by the earlier entertainment meant within a few minutes I was shaking and letting out a few satisfied yet muffled moans – his cock was in my mouth stifling any clarity.

He then started jerking his dick over my face ordering me to lick the tip. I obliged and took hold of the vibrating rocket, moving it towards him. I quickly asked if I could use it on his cock – and being in an aroused state he agreed I pushed it against his base of his balls, using my other hand to stroke his thighs.

“Fuck that feels good. Keep doing it”

Then he exploded all over my face – spurting in waves. Loads. He told me the toy had helped him achieve an extremely powerful orgasm.

To be honest I was quire surprised he let me use it on him. He has always steered clear of toys. Happy to play along with me, knowing I get pleasure from them alone or with him. But it was never his thing. Not something he wanted to try. So this was quite a triumph for the Jumpin’ Gyrator Rocket.

Pocket Exotics jumpin gyrator rocket

We both agreed for the price the toy was excellent value and stood up well against more expensive products too. It has made me think that a similar item with a cordless remote would be something I would like to try. I think being kinky in public could be my thing.

(NB.  The Jumpin’ Gyrator Rocket cost less than £20 and needs 3 AA batteries.)

I agreed with Scarlet Rooms to give an honest review of this toy – and I don’t lie 😉 You can also find them on Instagram.

23 thoughts on “Review Scarlet Rooms ~ A Rocket in your Pocket

  1. This sounds like a nifty little gadget! The lingerie is absolutely knock-out, and the image of you and your man putting the Rocket through its paces was hot, hot, hot!

  2. Great story May. The possibilities are endless. He could really test you in an environment where decorum is demanded. ?

    I have also heard of them being Bluetooth capable, and so your lover can control it using your own phone, over the internet…from anywhere at anytime. Now THAT boggles the mind!!

    1. Yes – I do want a cordless now – that would add an extra spin – it will be the next toy I review personally – if a company offer it to me 😉

      1. Aha nudge, nudge, wink, wink. I’ve started getting approaches by toy companies, but declined for now. However the offer of a remote controlled to I might have a different answer ??

  3. that was so much more than a toy review, loved they story – it just reinforced my opinion that the best sex comes from a woman’s imagination.
    thank you.

  4. Great fun review May. I feel tempted to try the ‘rocket’ having read it! I have a budget one with a remote, but it’s hard plastic not silicone, so I think the up-grade would be worth it. You look delightful in the be-ribbonned negligee and I suspect your man will be putting the bondage tape to good use!!

  5. I can imagine a story where unbeknownst to you your man accidentally drops the remote as he goes up to the counter to buy another round. A stranger picks it up and starts pressing the buttons. You think it’s your man at the bar being mischievous – until you see him returning with a pint in each hand. Meanwhile the stranger has figured out what the remote does, but doesn’t know who’s on the recovering end. He scans the crowded bar trying to determine which woman is squirming the most. Your teeth are gritted as you fight your impulses…

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