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Rope and candlelight ~ I have discussed before how my man and I can be quite messy with rope. This is because he tends to use it simply to restrain me without thinking of how pretty it looks.

But i do have a hankering to be tied up methodically. Where care is taken with the knots and ties. With this in mind I encouraged him to help me with the heart harness for Tie Me Up. Our rope is thick and was once part of a curtain pull. We probably need to get another kind – more practical and made for purpose.

Anyhow as I am fond of saying you have to get on with what you have, rather than what you want. I only apply that to objects though – not men ;-).

We didn’t quite manage the heart at the front. Not completely. But I like the photo. I adore the glow of candlelight in images. I will say this had not been edited at all. Just cropped slightly at the edges.

rope candlelight
Rope by Candlelight

messy rope candlelight

Updated for

rope and candlelight
Rope Play – with candlelight

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19 thoughts on “Rope and Candlelight

  1. I love this picture May. I think the slightly out of focus works really well and am impressed that it was unedited and is very sensual. Missy x

  2. This picture is incredible May. The lighting, the angle, the atmosphere. Gives such a sensual feeling with the rope and the candle light and I quite like how thick the rope is. I love the picture and am enthralled by it. It paints a picture, and leaves open so many ideas for stories.

    I’m so happy you joined in!

  3. A stunning image, May. I love candlelight too, and this reminds me that I need to use it again for photos. It gives such a special warmth to an image.
    ~ Marie xox

  4. Candlelight looks great and in some ways it doesn’t matter about the prettiness of the rope, although that can be a draw. I was too busy looking at your breasts anyway 😉

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