rope gauntlet

Tied ~ Throw down the Rope Gauntlet

Rope Gauntlet ~ I often have good intentions to enter memes but sometimes need to be reminded. Thank you Marie!

I saw Tie Me Up was a rope gauntlet and watching the video I realised it was something I may manage by myself. So I tried, after a little nudge from Marie, and here are my results.

Not quite as cool as my last rope adventure but I think I succeeded to a certain extent. I just ran out of rope 😉 .

Rope Gauntlet
Rope Gauntlet

16 thoughts on “Tied ~ Throw down the Rope Gauntlet”

  1. So happy I reminded you to do it… and then I was so focused on other photos that I totally forgot to do this tie… but I love how yours turned out 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I like the tie – being shorter than ML’s (which I just looked at) it reminded me of the sweatbands tennis players wear! Knowing how you and your man play, however, I think I can guess how you might be sweating once you’re tied like this!

  3. Oh yay Marie for pushing you! You wouldn’t say you’re bad at rope looking at this. It looks good! It’s quite nice it’s small. Can be a bracelet 😊

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